Student Rights/ Privacy of Student Records


Pursuant to CAC Title 5, section 54606 and subsequent sections, you may request an opportunity to inspect any and all student records, files and data related to the student. If information in the file is inaccurate, misleading, or inappropriate, the student may request removal of the information, or include a statement disputing the material that he/she challenges.

Other provisions of the law restrict people who have access to the information in student records. School personnel with legitimate educational interests, schools of intended enrollment, specified federal and state educational administrators, or those who provide financial aid are entitled to access without the student's consent.  Access may also be obtained without your consent pursuant to court order. Parents of a student may have access to records with written permission from the student or by completing an affidavit of support certifying that the student is a dependent (as defined by IRS regulations).


Directory information is maintained which includes name, address, telephone number, date of birth, email address, and class schedule information.

The College will provide information to:


1.         Prospective employers upon your request. Dates of attendance, program of study, and the degree granted will be provided to an employer only upon request.

2.         The National Student Clearinghouse for purposes of enrollment verification, degree verification, and data matching services (for transfer follow-up research)

3.         To colleges, universities, or government agencies to promote outreach to students and to enhance transfer

4.         To the California Student Aid Commission to facilitate the award of financial aid

5.         To the California Community College Chancellor's Office for research and analysis purposes

6.         For law enforcement purposes.


Directory information will not be sold, used for commercial purposes, disclosed to the public, or given to government agencies for the purposes of making benefits determinations (other than for financial aid). If you do not want the College to provide any directory information without your written consent, please notify the Records Office, in writing within thirty (30) days of the start of each semester. If you activate your student email account, it will be displayed in a public electronic address book.

Students who are applying for or receiving student financial aid must disclose their social security number. Also, any student who wants a tuition tax credit form - 1098T to claim income tax credit for tuition and fees on their federal income tax return must provide the social security number.

All health information is confidential, and is not revealed to any person or persons, except those persons in Health Services directly connected with treatment of the student. Instructors, however, will be notified if a student has a health condition that may result in  losing consciousness.

Regulations and procedures regarding student records are available in the Records Office.