Audio Visual Equipment Special Events Scheduling Form

To schedule equipment and technician  for special events please fill out this form and send it to the Help Desk. We need considerable lead time,especially for complex set-ups. We require a minimum of 7 days to schedule equipment and 14 days to schedule a technician.

To schedule an event please contact the Help Desk in A-7 or at Ext. 2140. Please print, fill out and send to the form to the Help Desk.

Name of Organization__________________________________________________

Contact Person________________________ Phone___________________

Date of Request____________ Day & Date of Event____________________

Time of Event Start___________________ End_______________________

Equipment Needed______________________________________________


Technician needed (Please Circle)  Yes  No      If a technician is required during non working hours arrangements for Pay will have to be made.

Date received in AV office__________________________

Departmental Approval ____Yes ____No


Fee information________________________________________________