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Business Opportunities


All bids, RFQs and RFPs for the Palomar Community College District, both general and Prop M related, are listed in the tables below.  Closed items are included for your information.  Click the link in the Invitation # field to view job details.

All documents are in Adobe Acrobat format - adobe reader

Business and Contract Services

Contact: Eileen Poole, (760) 744-1150 Ext. 2697, or Debbi Claypool, (760) 744-1150 Ext. 2129

Invitation # Type Description Bid Close Bid
CM-13-14-01-CDC-XX BID New Construction: Child Development Center 05/19/14 Open
CM-13-14-01-BB-X BID Baseball Field Project - 6 Bid Packages (A-F) 04/22/14 Open
CM-13-14-01-CDC-X PREQUAL Request for Pre-Qualification - Child Development Center 3/27/14 Closed
302-14 RFP Comprehensive Classification and Compensation Study 3/10/14 Closed
CM-13-14-01-BB-X PREQUAL Request for Pre-Qualification - Baseball Field Project 2/28/14 Closed
301-14 RFP Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) Services 2/12/14 Closed
CM-13-14-CDC-BB-XX BID Palomar Child Development Center & Baseball Field - Site Work Only 1/29/14 Closed
CM-13-14-Site Utilities-XX BID Site Utilities Project 12/17/13 Closed
CM-13-14-Site Utilities-XX PREQUAL Request for Pre-Qualification - Site Utilities Project 10/23/13 Closed
CM-13-14-XX BID Clear & Grub Project 10/28/13 Closed
CM-13-14-01 PREQUAL Request for Pre-Qualification - Clear & Grub Site Project 10/9/13 Closed
300-14 RFP Debit Card Refunds 9/9/13 Closed
200-13 RFQ Construction Management (CM@Risk) Services for Library Resource Center (LRC) 6/6/13 Closed
100-13 BID Turf Replacement - Minkoff Field
Awarded to Bryom-Davey, Inc.
3/5/13 Awarded

Purchasing Services

Contact: Teresa Wacker, (760) 744-1150 Ext. 2128

Invitation # Type Description Bid Close Bid
B14-03 BID Digital Communication System 10/22/13 Closed
B14-02 BID NCEPC Print Shop Paper Bid 9/16/13 Closed
B14-01 BID Cabinet and Furniture Technology Equipment 6/25/13 Closed
B13-05 BID Audio Equipment 4/29/13 Closed
B13-04 BID Cabinet and Furniture Technology Equipment and Supplies 4/25/13 Open
B13-03 BID TIG Welders 3/22/13 Awarded
Q13-01 RFQ Printing of Palomar College Catalog 2/28/13 Awarded

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