Minutes of the


November 17, 2003




PRESENT:                             Bill Bedford, Judy Cater, Judy Dolan, Bonnie Ann Dowd, MaryAnn Drinan, Martha Evans, Sherry Gordon, Brent Gowen, Barb Neault Kelber, Teresa Laughlin, Stan Levy, Dennis Lutz, Maria Miller, Marilee Nebelsick-Tagg,  Sue Norton, Perry Snyder, Steve Spear, Sara Thompson, Fari Towfiq, Katie Townsend-Merino, Tamara Weintraub


ABSENT:                               Chris Barkley, Dan Sourbeer, Anne Voth


GUESTS:                                James Palen (student)


CALL TO ORDER:               The meeting was called to order by the president, Steve Spear, at 2:00 p.m., in Room SU-30.


Proxy Votes:                          Bonnie Ann Dowd announced the following proxy votes:

                                                Judy Cater holding a proxy for Anne Voth

                                                Sara Thompson holding a proxy for Dan Sourbeer


Approval of Minutes:         The minutes of November 3, 2003, were approved as amended.



Appointments:                     None


Professional Devel.

Coordinator:                          Steve Spear announced that the current Professional Development Coordinator Judy Eberhart was the only faculty member who applied for the position and is eligible to be reappointed for a second consecutive term.


Motion 1                                MSC Levy, Gordon: The Faculty Senate recommends the appointment of Judy Eberhart as the Professional Development Coordinator for the two-year term beginning January 1, 2004.


Curriculum Committee



Motion 2                                MSC Laughlin, Cater: Faculty Senate ratification of the curriculum items.


Motion 3                                MSC Laughlin, Nebelsick-Tagg: To suspend the agenda to discuss Information Item N, Governance Structure Group Request/Curriculum Committee.


Governance Structure

Group Request/

Curriculum Committee:        Teresa Laughlin provided an updated copy of the Governance Structure Group request for the Curriculum Committee. A slight change to the wording under, “Role, Products, and Reporting Relationships” has been proposed. This will be presented for Senate action on November 24.


Faculty Manual Ad

Hoc Committee:                    Steve Spear reported that Berta Cuaron has expressed her support for a Faculty Manual Ad Hoc Committee which will be working to update the Faculty Manual.


Motion 4                                MSC Nebelsick-Tagg, Gowen: Faculty Senate approval of the creation of a Faculty Manual Ad Hoc Committee with the following faculty members appointed:

                                                                Sue Norton

                                                                Sara Thompson

                                                                Tamara Weintraub


Motion 5                                MSC Kelber, Nebelsick-Tagg: To suspend the agenda to discuss information items O, Faculty Hiring 2004-05, and F, Senate Recusal Policy.


Faculty Hiring:                      Senate members discussed the recent approval for the hiring of full-time faculty members to meet the faculty full-time obligation. The district is concerned that we may not meet the 50% law which requires that community colleges spend at least 50% of their general fund monies on Instruction. The district feels that it is necessary to hire the previously approved 8 faculty members along with an additional 10 to meet our obligation.


There was lengthy discussion on the above concerns including the following issues:


·         The approximately $300,000 needed to finance these positions will come out of the general fund, which will most likely cause the elimination of other positions in these times of extreme budget restraints.

·         Regarding our full-time faculty obligation, MaryAnn Drinan indicated that at the last Governing Board meeting the PFF asked the district to release all of the money that the district has been banking, including approximately $1.8 million dollars in parity money for part-timers, and the additional $800,000 on its way this year. They also asked for the release of the money for the Child Development Center Teachers, who are teaching at poverty wages. A 49% increase was negotiated for them but the district will not release the money. PFF has also indicated that full-time faculty growth money is also being held back. It was suggested to the Governing Board that releasing this money is another way to meet the requirements of the 50% law. PFF hopes that discussions will continue pursuing that possibility at the December Governing Board meeting.


                                                After discussing the issues presented, Senate members agreed that there are two separate issues: the full-time obligation, or the number of faculty, as well as the 50% rule, which relates to the cost for instruction as a percentage of total cost.


                                                Members of the Senate directed their colleagues on the Strategic Planning Council to ask the district to find alternate ways of dealing with these two separate issues regarding faculty hiring and instructional expenses rather than just rushing forward to hire additional faculty when we are unsure about how we will meet the commitment to our existing staff at all levels of the institution. Senate members also agreed that President Amador should provide additional clarity on this issue.


Motion 6                                MSC Dowd, Cater: To extend the meeting until 3:30 p.m.            


Motion 7                                MSC Dowd, Nebelsick-Tagg: To suspend the Agenda to discuss action item C, Hearing: Discipline of a Senator.


Hearing: Discipline of

a Senator:                             


Motion 8                                MSC Townsend-Merino, Cater: The hearing on the discipline of former Faculty Senate President, Christine Barkley, was made unnecessary by Christine Barkley’s resignation from the Faculty Senate and all committees she serves on as Past Faculty Senate President.


                                                Steve Spear indicated that a designee for the position of Past President of the Faculty Senate to the Faculty is now vacant. Senators were asked to consider volunteering to serve as designee for the Council and Governance committee representation at the next meeting.


Senate Recusal Policy:        MaryAnn Drinan presented the following Senate Recusal Policy:


                Senate Recusal Policy


Recusal involves a relinquishment of participation in deliberation and/or decision-making or supervisory responsibility. Recusal by any Senator on a particular matter because of concerns about impartiality or conflict of interest does not reflect adversely on the involved Senator; rather, it is simply an acknowledgement that, in a complex and interconnected society, such cross-pressures will occur.


When this happens, recusal is necessary to assure that a Senator’s independence of judgment is not compromised, that the faculty’s confidence in the integrity of the Senate is preserved, and that the Senate’s mission regarding academic and professional matters is protected.


A Senator will recuse him or herself from any participation in deliberation, decision-making responsibility or management/supervisory responsibilities when:


1.)    A Senate decision can be reasonably expected to directly result in an economic benefit to him or herself, to a business or business associate, or to a spouse/domestic partner, child, parent, or sibling.

2.)    A Senate decision involves the appointment of a spouse or relative to a Senate committee,

campus-wide committee, task force, or Senate office such as the Professional Development Office, among others.

3.)    The Senate deliberation can be reasonably assumed to reflect matters surrounding a grievance or grievances that a Senator is pursuing.


A Senator is required to announce to the Senate his or her recusal at the initiation of the deliberation process, at the time of decision-making itself if deliberation does not occur, or prior to the commencement of a management/supervisory relationship. Failure to do so constitutes a severe breach of professional ethics.


Submitted for discussion, October 20, 2003

M. Drinan, Faculty Senator


This will be presented for Senate action on November 24, 2003.

Faculty Research

Award Criteria:                     Copies of proposed changes to the guidelines for the Faculty Research Award were provided. Teresa Laughlin indicated that the task force has reviewed the current criteria and proposed minor changes, including the addition of the following point system:


                                                In addition, the task force shall award an additional point as follows:

Works by a single author, composer, artist, etc.

Published materials or in the case of other creative works shown at an outside venue.

Materials published in a scholarly journal.

Works published in a popular publication, trade publication, periodical or other recognized publication.

The material demonstrates an investigative nature, for example, original research or in the case of artwork, use of a technique new to the artist.

Multiple articles published during the same year.

Works specifically related to the author’s field or are directly related to Instruction.

                                                This will be presented for Senate action on November 24.


Designee Pool for

Committees/Councils:         Bonnie Dowd indicated that although governance councils strive for consensus on issues, if no consensus is reached then voting occurs. Therefore, it is important to ensure that all governance councils have full faculty representation. Bonnie gave the example that if a faculty member is ill and unable to attend a governance council meeting there is currently no procedure to have another faculty member attend as a designee. She recommended that a designee pool of faculty be created. Faculty who volunteer could be contacted to attend various meetings for other faculty members who are unable to attend. 


                                                Senate members briefly discussed the possibility of Professional Development offering some ratio of service credit and/or Professional Development hours that could be allowed for faculty volunteering to be listed as designee replacements.


                                                Bonnie recommended that the Committee on Committees look at the issue of creating a designee pool of faculty for councils/committees.


Invite ADA’s to Senate:     Senate members discussed the recent proposed reorganization of the Academic Department Assistant workload and the possibility of inviting them and their Department Chairs/Directors to the Senate asking for their input on how they see their relationship to instruction, teaching, and what they do to support faculty as an academic and professional matter.


                                                Discussion followed on the current work being done by the members of the Instructional Planning Council on this issue and the input being provided to that group by individual departments. Some questioned if it was necessary to bring this issue to the Senate at this time while another group is so closely reviewing it.  


                                                Senators agreed that at this point it would be appropriate to let the Instructional Planning Council continue their work and address this issue at a later date, if necessary.


PD Hours for attending

Board Meetings:                  Steve Spear reported that the Professional Development Review Board now only currently provides 6 hours of Professional Development for attending Governing Board meetings, a change from what is listed in the Faculty Manual.


                                                It was stated that concern has been expressed by the review board that it was only union faculty who were using this option.                                     


                                                Senate members discussed the fact that the Professional Development Review Board should be submitting changes to the PD Procedures through the Senate as an Academic and Professional matter.  It was questioned why procedural changes are not being presented first to the Senate, then sunshined to faculty for input before being implemented as has always been the case in the past.


                                                Bill Bedford added that although he has attended many board meetings here on campus, he has never applied for professional development credit for attending, and is personally offended at the statement that only union faculty have applied for it.


                                                Steve Spear indicated that he would invite Professional Development Coordinator Judy Eberhart to an upcoming Senate meeting to clarify this issue, as well as any other changes being proposed by the review board.


Ad Hoc Senate Task

Force:                                     Bonnie Dowd reported that the Ad Hoc Senate Task Force hopes to provide a report to the Faculty Senate prior to the end of the semester.


Joint Council

Recommendation:                Copies of the following report from the Joint Council were provided:


                                                                                REPORT FROM THE JOINT COUNCIL

                                                                                                Dan Sourbeer (PFF)

                                                                                                Sara Thompson (Senate)

                                                                                                Bonnie Ann Dowd (Senate)

                                                                                                Judy Dolan (PFF)


                                                Results of September 10 and October 15, 2003 meetings


                                                We were tasked to discuss faculty membership on SPC. The following is the configuration we suggest to the Senate:

                                                President of the Faculty Senate

                                                Past President of the Faculty Senate

                                                2 co-presidents of the PFF

                                                2 past co-presidents of the PFF*

                                                Professional Development Coordinator

                                                8 Faculty at large representing the 5 divisions, library, counseling, and PFF*

                                                Total Faculty: 15


* represents change to the current configuration


                For each of the 4 Planning Councils, the faculty representation would remain at 7.


                This will be presented for Senate action on November 24.


Senate Email Voting:            Tamara Weintraub indicated that she surveyed the Statewide Academic Senate via list serve on the issue of email voting. The majority of responses indicated that other campuses are interested in email voting but have not tried it yet. A couple of responses were received from smaller campuses that use electronic voting successfully. She added that she did receive one email from a colleague at a college she couldn’t recall who adamantly states that electronic voting is a direct violation of The Brown Act. 


                                                This issue will be brought back for further discussion on November 24.


Email addresses for

Part-time Faculty:                 Perry Snyder reported that a meeting he had scheduled with Jose Vargas on the issue of email addresses for part-time faculty had to be postponed due to the campus closure the week of the fires.


                                                Of the departments he has surveyed on this issue, no two have the same policy because each department seems to have their own private extensions. He added that he has prepared a survey for distribution to the ADA’s for their input.


                                                Members of the Senate expressed their gratitude to Perry for his work on this project on behalf of the Faculty Senate.


Committee Service while

on Sabbatical Leave:           Although current policy clearly states that faculty members cannot participate in committee service while on sabbatical leave, there has been some confusion because there have been exceptions made when hiring committees are being formed within departments.


                                                This issue will be forwarded to the Ad Hoc Senate Task Force.


State Academic Senate

model for Evaluations

of College Presidents:         Steve Spear announced that the issue of the evaluation of the Superintendent/President will be forwarded to the Personnel Standards & Practices Committee. After review, they will bring their recommendations back to the Faculty Senate.



ADJOURNMENT:               The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.


                                                Respectfully submitted,


                                                Bonnie Ann Dowd, Secretary