Minutes of the


April 28, 2003




PRESENT:                             Mike Arguello, Chris Barkley, Bill Bedford, Judy Cater, Bonnie Ann Dowd,  MaryAnn Drinan, Teresa Laughlin, Stan Levy, Dennis Lutz, Mario Mendez, Maria Miller, Marilee Nebelsick-Tagg, Sue Norton, Jose Rangel, Steve Spear, Joe Stanford, Dan Sourbeer, Sara Thompson, Rocco Versaci, Anne Voth, Lori Waite


ABSENT:                               Judy Dolan, Fari Towfiq


GUESTS:                                Sherrill Amador, Judy Eberhart, Haryo Praborro


CALL TO ORDER:               The meeting was called to order by the president, Chris Barkley, at 2:00 p.m., in Room SU-30.


Approval of Minutes:         The minutes of April 21, 2003, were approved as presented.


Faculty Senate Elections:   Stan Levy announced that a faculty member contacted him who had submitted a nomination electronically for the Senate but the nominee was not included on the ballot sent out to faculty.  Because of the problems with the email system, the Senate Office wasn’t aware of the nomination until after the ballots had been sent out and the e-mail access was cleared up.  Chris Barkley indicated that she would contact the faculty members involved and explain the mix-up. She also noted that once there is a contract with PFF two additional seats on the Senate will be available and hopefully the nominee can be re-nominated for one of those positions.


                                                Discussion also occurred on inviting all of those listed on the ballot to the Senate meeting of May 5th. Those elected will take their seats and have voting privileges at the May 12th meeting. Because officer elections will occur on the 12th, it was agreed that all nominees should be informed that they may provide proxy votes if they are unable to attend. Proxy votes can be submitted to the Senate Secretary or to another Senator prior to the May 12th meeting.


Motion 1                                MSC Dowd, Levy: The Faculty Senate directs the Faculty Senate President to contact the faculty members on the Senate ballot and invite them to attend the May 5, 2003, meeting. Those elected will officially be seated at the May 12, 2003, meeting and have voting privileges. If those elected are unable to attend the May 12 meeting, they are encouraged to submit a proxy.





Motion 2                                MSC Voth, Cater: Faculty Senate approval of the following committee appointments:


                                                Administrative Services Planning Council

Wendy Metzger, Math


                                                Bookstore Advisory Committee

                                                Candi Francis, Life Sciences


                                                Curriculum Committee

                                                Robert Barry, Media, Business & Community Services

                                                Judy Eckhart, Math and the Natural & Health Sciences

                                                Suzanna Grenz, Human Arts & Sciences

                                                Kalyna Lesyna, Human Arts & Sciences


                                                Distinguished Faculty Award Committee

                                                Gary Alderson, Life Sciences

                                                Will Gullette, Communications


                                                EOPS Advisory Committee

                                                Stan Levy, Reading

Patrick O’Brien, EOPS


                                                Facilities Planning Committee

                                                Russ Filbeck, Trade & Industry

                                                Annette Squires, Mathematics


                                                Institutional Review Committee

                                                Bruce Gan, ROP


                                                Matriculation Committee

                                                Carolyn Lowther, ESL


                                                Professional Development Review Board

                                                Steve Bertram, Trade & Industry

                                                Byung Kang, Library

                                                Chuong Nguyen, Math


                                                Professional Procedures Committee

                                                Sue Norton, DSP&S

Jennifer Paris, Library         


Sabbatical Leave Committee

Judy Cater, Library

Terry Humphrey, Behavioral Sciences


Safety & Security Committee

Michael Finton, Emergency Medical Educational

Ed Groschwitz, Chemistry


Strategic Planning Council

Doug Key


Motion 3                                MSC Voth, Miller: Faculty Senate approval of the following committee appointments as a result of the Faculty Senate electronic voting:


Academic Review Committee

                                                Brent Gowen, English


                                                Academic Standards & Practices Committee

                                                Mathews Chakkanakuzhi, Math

                                                Leanne Maunu, English


                                                Adjunct Faculty Committee

                                                Sue Zolliker, English


                                                Computer Coordinating Committee

                                                Mark Bealo, Graphic Communications

                                                Terrie Canon, CSIS

                                                Haydn Davis, Behavioral Sciences


                                                Equivalency Committee

                                                Mark Lane, Earth Sciences

Stan Levy, Reading


Faculty and Staff Diversity Advisory Committee

Cathy Jain, Earth Sciences

Fari Towfiq, Math


                                                Instructional Planning Council

                                                Wendy Metzger, Math

                                                Joe Stanford, Performing Arts


                                                International Student Advisory Committee

                                                Charlie Ingham, English

                                                Byung Kang, library

                                                Jan Rightmer, Counseling

                                                Lynne Henson, ESL


                                                Matriculation and Transfer Advisory Committee

                                                Cindy Torgison, Math


                                                Personnel Standards and Practices Committee

                                                Bahram Alidaee, Math


                                                Scholarship Committee

                                                Jay Alperson, Behavioral Sciences

                                                Byung Kang, Library

                                                Patrick O’Brien, EOPS


                                                Technology Committee

                                                Haydn Davis, Behavioral Sciences

                                                Kathleen Sheahan, Foreign Languages


Motion 4                                MSC Voth, Dowd: Faculty Senate approval of the following committee appointments as a result of the run-off ballot:


                                                Academic Review Committee

                                                Elvia Nunez-Rebel, Counseling

                                                Richard Stegman, CSIS


                                                Personnel Standards & Practices Committee

                                                Rafik Jenkins, English


General Obligation Bond

Issue:                                     Anne Voth reported that a volunteer is needed to serve on the selection committee which will determine who will become Palomar College’s Investment Banker/Financial Advisor for the 2004 General Obligation Bond.


                                                According to Jerry Patton, in order to do a General Obligation Bond Issue, we need to engage investment bankers to help with the issuance of bonds should the Governing Board choose to move forward. We have sent out requests for proposals to any investment banking firms interested in Palomar College’s Government Obligation Bond. This committee would review the proposals, interview the firms, and finally make a selection of the two top firms to be our investment bankers. If the college proceeds with putting the Government Obligation Bond to voter’s approval, the cost of the investment banker would come out of the bond proceeds, not the college’s general fund. If the Government Obligation Bond loses, the investment bankers agree, up front and in the agreement we would sign with them, not to charge any fee or other charges.


Research Award:                  Information was provided to Senators on those individuals nominated for the Research Award. Members of the task force agreed that more distinguishable criteria for the award are needed, and they will meet again to set those criteria for next year. Ballots were distributed for a vote and the Senator included in the list of candidates recused herself from the process and stepped out of the room.


Motion 5                                MSC Cater, Laughlin: Faculty Senate approval of the results of the ballot awarding the 2002-03 Palomar College Research Award to Bonnie Ann Dowd.



Development:                       Judy Eberhart distributed copies of proposed changes to the Professional Development Procedures to Senate members. She indicated that some minor wording changes are being proposed to the handbook for next year. Service Points for will be as follows for new committees:


                                                Instructional Planning Council – 2 service points

                                                Administrative Services Planning Council – 2 service points

                                                Human Resources Planning Council – 2 service points

                                                Student Services Planning Council – 2 service points

                                                Strategic Planning Council – 2 service points

                                                Technology Committee – 1 service point

                                                Campus Police Advisory Committee – 1 service point

                                                DSP&S Advisory Committee – 1 service point


                                                Deleted committees:

                                                Staff Priorities

                                                Student Equity

                                                Salary and Benefits

                                                Meet and Confer

                                                Academic and Professional Matters Task Force

                                                Affirmative Action Representative Service

                                                Partnership for Excellence Task Force


                                                Other district service:

                                                SDICCA Internship Coordinator – 2 service points per semester and 40 hours of Professional Development.


                                                In response to a question about receiving service points for serving as a Compliance Officer, Judy Eberhart indicated that she would add that to the list.  There was discussion about the fact the Compliance Officer technically replaces the Affirmative Action service in accordance with changes to the Faculty Hiring Procedures passed recently.


                                                Chris Barkley reported that this item would be brought back for Senate Action on May 5.


Institutional Review:           Steve Spear provided draft copies of the proposed reorganization of the institutional review process. The members of the Institutional Review Committee have developed the role of Councils, Divisions, and Departments in the Proposed Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Assessment and Review Process.


                                                The problems with the Institutional Review process include:

·                     Recommendations of IRC not followed up.

·                     No link between IRC recommendations and resource allocation.

·                     Problems with compliance.

·                     IRC lacks the in-depth knowledge of programs under review needed to make confident recommendations regarding their viability.


He added that the committee is attempting to redesign the system so that individual departments have the most important role in the process of improving SLO.  It was stressed that this committee is in the procedural planning phase and that the committee is looking for input.


Senate members were asked to review the information provided.  This item will be presented for Senate action on May 5 so that input can be brought back to the committee .


Budget Review:                    The following reports were provided on Budget Review:


Sue Norton stated that the members of the Instructional Planning Council discussed whether or not the recommendations relating to personnel should be prioritized. Members of the council did agree that should layoffs occur, a Library Media Technician and another classified position in the Art department should be the first two re-established. One position was also recommended for a change to a lower classification.


Reporting for Judy Dolan, Bonnie Ann Dowd stated that three motions were passed at the Administrative Services Council:


Motion 1: Jerry Patton will prioritize the proposed budget cuts eliminations and the council will ratify.


Motion 2: Prioritized list ratified.


Motion 3: Jerry Patton will reduce the proposed cuts/eliminations proportionate to administrative services share of the district’s budget.


It was also reported that there is concern that there is some feeling among those on various councils that Instruction has not been taking a proportional hit.  It was noted that this type of thought process is divisive and should be avoided.


                                                Discussion followed on the following issues:

·                     It should be pointed out how many sections were cancelled last year, and how many FTE that represents. It was also noted that proportional cuts ignores the fact that we are an instructional organization and proportional cuts may not be in the best interest of students.

·                     Last week at the Strategic Planning Council, IPC brought forward 1.4 million dollars in cuts, and that was the percentage used to report the instructional proposed cuts. However, the 1.4 doesn’t include the over 2 million dollars that has already been cut from the budget due to class cancellations and unfilled positions. 


Lori Waite provided an updated report from the Student Services Planning Council. She indicated that these recommendations went to the Strategic Planning Council on April 10. Student Services Planning Council has been asked to prioritize recommended cuts. Lori indicated that she told the members of the council that it would be appropriate for individual departments to make these prioritizations and bring them to the council.


Discussion followed. Although the Strategic Planning Council established criteria for determining the budget cuts, the Senate chose not to support those criteria. SPC will be using those criteria and should include those which least impact students.


Motion 6                                MSC Dowd, Cater: To extend the meeting.


Curriculum:                            Teresa Laughlin reported that some administrative changes are coming forward from the Curriculum Committee and will be presented to the Senate for action on May 5, 2003.


Governing Board:                 Chris Barkley reported that the members of the Governing Board approved the Supplemental Early Retirement Plan at their April 22nd meeting.


Strategic Planning

Council:                                 Steve Spear reported that each of the Vice Presidents provided a copy of their lists of potential cuts as well as rationales for those cuts to the last Strategic Planning Council meeting.   The Vice Presidents have been asked to bring a prioritized list to the next SPC meeting of the budget cuts.


Faculty members interested in reviewing the proposals coming from the various councils to the Strategic Planning Council can make arrangements to review them by contacting the Senate office at ext. 2446.

Revenue Allocation

Committee:                            Bonnie Dowd reported that the members of the Revenue Allocation Committee discussed the possibility of using a process of anonymity to ask questions about budget line items.  If a members so chooses, it was agreed that individuals could submit questions to Jerry directly and he would bring them to RAC anonymously.  RAC is undergoing a difficult task and the process has to begin by asking questions.  The concern is that questions do not mean that RAC is “targeting” any particular area or individuals but rather asking questions in order to assess the budget and make recommendations. It was also agreed upon that as questions came through the process, RAC members would be assigned research tasks on behalf of the committee rather than expecting Jerry Patton or any one individual to do all of the information gathering in response to such budget questions.


Other:                                     One of the items discussed at RAC was with regard to the Advancement Office and the historical perspective that the office was initially proposed as being self-sufficient. Discussion followed about the importance of the Palomar College Foundation and the Advancement Office.  It was noted that RAC has agreed to assign a member to look into these matters.


ADJOURNMENT:               The meeting was adjourned at 3:40 p.m.


                                                Respectfully submitted,


Bonnie Ann Dowd, Secretary