Minutes of the


April 7, 2003




PRESENT:                             Chris Barkley, Bill Bedford, Judy Cater, Judy Dolan, Bonnie Ann Dowd, MaryAnn Drinan, Teresa Laughlin, Stan Levy, Dennis Lutz, Mario Mendez, Maria Miller, Marilee Nebelsick-Tagg, Sue Norton, Jose Rangel, Steve Spear, Joe Stanford, Dan Sourbeer, Sara Thompson, Fari Towfiq, Anne Voth


ABSENT:                               Mike Arguello, Rocco Versaci, Lori Waite


GUESTS:                                Haryo Praborro


CALL TO ORDER:               The meeting was called to order by the president, Chris Barkley, at 2:00 p.m., in Room SU-30.


Proxy Votes:                          Bonnie Dowd announced the following proxy votes:

                                                MaryAnn Drinan holding a proxy for Rocco Versaci

                                                Maria Miller holding a proxy for Lori Waite

                                                Judy Cater holding a proxy for Mike Arguello


Approval of Minutes:         The minutes of March 31, 2003, were approved as amended, with discussion.


Faculty Polls:                        Maria Miller announced that two requests signed by 10% of the faculty have been received to poll both adjunct and contract faculty members. The wording of the polls will be as follows:


                                                Full-time faculty poll:


                                                _____      Yes, the following letter should be sent to the Palomar College Board of Trustees.


                                                _____      No, the following letter should not be sent to the Palomar College Board of Trustees.


                                                Because of the terrible results of the full-time faculty evaluation of the present President/Superintendent,


                                                Because of the full-time faculty’s overwhelming vote of no confidence in the present President/Superintendent,


                                                Because a random poll of the classified staff reveals an overwhelming vote of no confidence in the present President/Superintendent,


                                                Because the present President/Superintendent has attempted to expand the unneeded, bloated, superfluous, over-supplied and over-traveled administrative staff,


                                                And because of the present President/Superintendent’s unwillingness to negotiate with the faculty’s representatives, (negotiations are now in their 20th month)


                                                We the full-time faculty request that you, the Board of Trustees, to immediately start looking for a replacement for the present President/Superintendent.


                                                Respectfully yours,

                                                The Full-time faculty


                                                Adjunct Faculty Poll


_____      Yes, the following letter should be sent to the Palomar College Board of Trustees.


_____      No, the following letter should not be sent to the Palomar College Board of Trustees.


“Because this President/Superintendent has refused to distribute state equity funds for the year 2001-2002 to Palomar’s part-time faculty, holding them hostage to a completed faculty contract, and refusing to place those monies on the pay schedule to meet the requirements of moving toward pro rata pay,


Because this President/Superintendent has refused to include Palomar’s part-time faculty in an equal share of growth monies with administrators and classified staff, having distributed the growth monies to non-faculty employees without including part-time faculty in the ratio,


Because this President/Superintendent seeks to increase the load of faculty by reducing or eliminating ADA’s, unreasonably increasing class size and workload, and devaluing the work of lab instructors, without having understood nor concerned herself with the consequences to Palomar faculty,


Because of the full-time faculty’s overwhelming show of no confidence in the present President/Superintendent,


Because this President/Superintendent devalues the work of experienced Palomar classified staff by warning them of their probable lay offs while seeking to contract out their work to off-campus technicians,


Because the present President/Superintendent has consistently used the state budget crisis as an excuse for dismantling the culture of Palomar College while attempting to expand the authority and presence of unneeded, over-supplied and over-traveled administrative staff,


We the part-time faculty request you, the Board of Trustees, to immediately start looking for a replacement for the present President/Superintendent.


Respectfully yours,

The Part-time faculty”





Motion 1                                MSC Voth, Levy: Faculty Senate approval of the appointment of Robert Miller, Human Arts & Sciences Division, to the Search Committee for the Vice President for Instruction position.


Curriculum:                            Copies of the following Curriculum item were presented for review:


1.        Program Title: Carpentry

Discipline: Apprenticeship Training – Carpentry (AP C)

Catalog Page: 84

Effective term: Fall 2003

Change(s): Work experience course added to required courses.


Carpentry (AP C)

A four-year apprenticeship program. Applicants for this program should be directed to the Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee for Southern California, San Diego Carpenters Training Center, 8595 Miralani Drive, San Diego, CA 92126. Telephone (858) 621-2667.


Required Courses                                 Units


AP C 108                    Welding               3

AP C 201             Orientation I               1.5

Page AP C 202     Orientation II               1.5

AP WE 110                 Work Experience              16


Electives (Select 14 courses)

AP C 203                Blueprint I               1.5

AP C 204               Blueprint II               1.5

AP C 205               Foundations               1.5

AP C 206                  Flatworks               1.5

AP C 207                     Tilt-Up               1.5

AP C 208                Wall Forms               1.5

AP C 209               Gang Forms               1.5

AP C 210 Patented Forming Systems          1.5

AP C 211 Architectural Concrete               1.5

AP C 212            Column Forms               1.5

AP C 213 Beam & Deck Forming               1.5

AP C 214           Wall Framing I               1.5

AP C 215         Wall Framing II               1.5

AP C 216            Floor Framing               1.5

AP C 217           Stair Building I               1.5

AP C 218         Stair Building II               1.5

AP C 219       Exterior Details I               1.5

AP C 220      Exterior Details II               1.5

AP C 221          Roof Framing I               1.5

AP C 222         Roof Framing II               1.5

AP C 223           Metal Framing               1.5

AP C 224   Commercial Framing               1.5

AP C 225    Formwork Problems               1.5

AP C 226    Bridge Construction               1.5

AP C 227          Stairs & Ramps               1.5

TOTAL UNITS             43    27


Motion 2                                MSC Laughlin, Dowd: Move Curriculum to Action.


Motion 3                                MSC Laughlin, Stanford: Faculty Senate ratification of the work of the Curriculum Committee.


                                                Chris Barkley also informed Senate members of a minor change to the wording related to the General Studies AA degree.


Motion 4                                MSC Miller, Levy: Move discussion of the General Studies AA degree to Action.


Motion 5                                MSC Levy, Rangel: Faculty Senate ratification of a minor change to the wording used in the catalog relating to the General Studies AA degree, removing a comma and adding the wording to a major program.


Budget Review Task

Force:                                     Chris Barkley reported that a Budget Review Task Force has been established through the Revenue Allocation Committee. The group will hold its first meeting on Wednesday, April 9.


                                                Discussion occurred on the various meetings held by the planning councils. It was also reported that Department Chairs have been asked whether or not department budgets can be reduced by up to 10% in the 4000, 5000, and 6000 accounts. Senate members also discussed and agreed that proposing any layoffs should be postponed until the entire budget has been reviewed and alternative approaches have been explored.


Motion 6                                MSC Dowd, Miller: To extend the meeting.


Motion 7                                MSC Drinan, Laughlin: Move discussion of the Budget Review Task Force to Action.


Motion 8                                MS Drinan, Levy: The Faculty Senate requests that the Governing Board freeze all layoffs until the budget can be fully evaluated and reviewed by the campus-wide task force.


                                                Discussion occurred on what the appropriate committee or task force would be to handle this task.


Motion 8 (amended)            MS Spear, Levy: The Faculty Senate requests that the Governing Board freeze all layoffs until the budget can be fully evaluated and reviewed by the appropriate campus-wide body.


Motion 8

(substitute amendment)      MSC Nebelsick-Tagg, Dowd: The Faculty Senate requests that the Governing Board freeze all layoffs until the budget can be fully evaluated and reviewed by the Revenue Allocation Committee.


                                                Members of the Senate asked Chris Barkley to inform the members of the Governing Board of the high stress level and low morale currently being experienced by classified staff due to the recent notification of potential layoffs.


Motion 9                                MSCU Miller, Dolan: The Faculty Senate directs the Faculty Senate President to write a letter to the Superintendent/President requesting assurance that all committees and councils function in a participatory and voting manner immediately but no later than April 21, 2003, or cease further decision-making.


Proposed Deletion of the

Environmental Impact

Committee:                            Chris Barkley reported that the Environmental Impact Committee is being considered for deletion because the duties of that group have been assigned to the Facilities Review Committee.


Learning Culture

Task Force:                           Copies of the proposal for the Learning Culture Task Force were distributed for review. The role of this task force shall be to develop methods to foster a learning culture that promotes institutional and student expectations, responsibilities, and respect. Further, the task force shall develop criteria to assess and a method to evaluate the outcomes of the committee’s efforts. The product of this task force shall be a document that synthesizes the institutional expectations to be disseminated throughout the district.


                                                Chris Barkley reported that this item would be brought back for Senate action on April 21, 2003.


Name Changes:                    Chris Barkley reported that the following name changes were approved at the last Strategic Planning Council meeting:


                                                A change from the DSP&S Committee to the Disability Resource Center Advisory Committee.


                                                A change from the Facilities Planning Committee to the Facilities Review Committee.


                                                A change in division title from the Division of Human Arts & Sciences to the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences.


                                                A change in the title of the Director of Apprentiship, Non-Credit and Vocational Programs, to the Director of Occupational and Non-Credit Programs.


Other:                                     Bonnie Dowd announced that Chancellor Nussbaum has resigned effective January 2, 2004.


BP 3280, Grants:                   Chris Barkley reported that the proposed deletion of 311 and its replacement with BP 3280, was on the Strategic Planning Council agenda. She indicated that the Senate has requested twice that this be postponed from the Strategic Planning Council agenda until a request by the Senate be fulfilled as to what procedures are currently in place relating to Grants. She indicated that a copy of the form currently being used has been provided, which does identify whether or not there is any direct district contribution in terms of funds, staff, or space requirements, as well as how a project will be continued after the funding ends. It does not provide information on how grants will go through the process.


                                                Discussion followed on the possibility of putting a committee together to establish procedures and clearly define how grants will be evaluated before the policy is approved.


Spring Resolutions:             Chris Barkley announced that copies of the Spring Resolutions are available for review in the Senate Office. The Spring Session of the Statewide Academic Senate will be held May 1-3, 2003, in San Francisco.



Evaluations:                          Senate members discussed the issue of the vice presidents being sent a copy of the Superintendent/President’s evaluation. Sent anonymously, there is no way to determine how copies were obtained. The originals are kept in the Senate office in a secure location, with copies sent to Dr. Amador and the Governing Board members. Senators agreed that because formal action was taken by  creating a form which informed faculty members of the confidentiality of the documents, and that every precaution possible was taken to ensure the documents were secure, there is no way to determine how copies were obtained and distributed and therefore, there is no further action that can or should be taken by the Senate.


BP 3100:                                 BP 3100 refers to the Organizational Structure Chart. It states that, “The Superintendent/President shall establish organizational charts that delineate the lines and responsibilities and fix the general employees within the District. The Organizational Charts are subject to review by the Board.” This will take the place of BP 20, which states, “The administrative membership and organizational chart appear in Appendices F and G.” Those appendices do not exist in the Faculty Manual.


                                                Chris Barkley reported that this item came to the Strategic Planning Council and then to the Senate where both groups approved the change. There has been some discussion on campus about this proposed change, and it should be made clear that this proposal relates to the Administrative Governance Organizational Chart, not the entire Governance Structure. This proposal is an attempt to change policy which refers to documents which do not exist in the Faculty Manual.


                                                Discussion occurred on the proposed change, as well as the need to clearly identify what is policy and what is procedure.


Strategic Planning

Council:                                 Bonnie Ann Dowd reported that the members of the Strategic Planning Council approved the 2003-04 Holiday Schedule, the proposal for Divisional Representation by Faculty on all committees will be brought back for further discussion, an update on the Facilities Master Plan was presented, and Jerry Patton made a presentation to the group on the budget. Other issues addressed at SPC were previously reported on this week’s Senate agenda.


Revenue Allocation

Committee:                            Steve Spear reminded those present of the meeting of the Revenue Allocation Committee meeting scheduled for Wednesday. He added that all of the accounts have been accounted for.


Faculty Meeting:                  Maria Miller also reported the results of the recent poll regarding the Confidence Vote on the College President:


                                                198 faculty members voted No Confidence in President Amador

                                                22 faculty members voted Yes, they had confidence in President Amador


                                                A total of 220 total ballots were returned following the proper voting procedure.


                                                90% of valid ballots voted “No Confidence.” The 220 figure represents 73% of the total full-time faculty (301).


                                                13 ballots were declared invalid due to failure to follow proper procedures.


                                                Maria also added that presentations were made from three of the four planning councils at the Faculty Meeting.


                                                Steve Spear added that at the direction of the Faculty President and those present at the April 2nd Faculty Meeting, the Constitutional Review Committee will meet to discuss the issue of electronic voting.


ADJOURNMENT:               The meeting was adjourned at 3:45 p.m.


                                                Respectfully submitted,


                                                Bonnie Ann Dowd, Secretary