Minutes of the


March 1, 2004




PRESENT:                                 Bill Bedford, Judy Cater, Judy Dolan, Bonnie Ann Dowd, MaryAnn Drinan, Brent Gowen, Anne Hohman, Barb Neault Kelber, Doug Key, Teresa Laughlin, Stan Levy, Dennis Lutz, Maria Miller, Marilee Nebelsick-Tagg,  Sue Norton, Steve Spear, Sara Thompson, Katie Townsend-Merino, Rocco Versaci, Lori Waite


ABSENT:                                   Martha Evans, Fari Towfiq


GUESTS:                                    Monika Brannick, Shannon Lienhart, Jerry Patton, Susan Snow


CALL TO ORDER:               The meeting was called to order by the president, Steve Spear, at 2:00 p.m., in Room SU-30.


Proxy Votes:                          Bonnie Ann Dowd announced the following proxies:

                                                Sara Thompson holding a proxy for Martha Evans

                                                Judy Cater holding a proxy for Fari Towfiq


                                                In response to a question on whether proxy votes were still being used, Steve Spear indicated that unless the             Senate takes action on this issue, proxies will continue to be accepted.


Approval of

Minutes:                                No minutes were presented.


Announcements:                 Steve Spear reminded everyone to vote in tomorrow’s elections.



Evaluations:                          Steve Spear announced that the Administrative Evaluations will be distributed this week.


Election Results:                  Stan Levy announced that as a result of the recent Senate elections Doug Key and Lori Waite were elected                               ough May, 2005.


President Amador:               Steve Spear reported that he and Senate Vice President Sara Thompson continue to have their weekly meetings                             with Dr. Amador. Recently they’ve been discussing the presidential selection committee process and the Student                             Learning Outcomes working group. Dr. Amador will be leaving as of July 1, and the district will hire an interim                             president.


Governing Board

Report:                                   Steve Spear reported that Michelle Barton presented a report on transferring students at the recent Governing                             Board meeting.


Strategic Planning

Council:                                 Steve Spear stated that the Strategic Planning Council will take action on the                                                     Credit/No Credit issue of eliminating faculty signatures at its March 2nd meeting. The

                                                group is also discussing the annual Implementation Plan and the academic calendar.


                                                Katie Townsend-Merino added that a faculty member is still needed to serve on the Strategic Planning Council.


Student Services

Planning Council:                 Maria Miller reported that a new position as Manager of the PIC Center is being considered as a replacement for                             the PIC Coordinator who has resigned. The individual will work directly under the Director of Student Activities.


Administrative Services

Planning Council:                 Judy Dolan distributed information on the new Equipment Replacement Procedure as well as new board policies                             on Risk Management, Injury/Illness Prevention, and the new smoking ordinances. She also reported that work will                      begin this summer on a change to Comet Circle making it a two-way street up to Lot 9.


Email Addresses for

Part-time Faculty:                 Bill Bedford reported that Perry Snyder is scheduled to meet with Berta Cuaron next week to discuss the issue of                             email addresses for part-time faculty members.


Committee Appointments: 


Motion 1                                MSC Nebelsick-Tagg, Dolan: Faculty Senate approval of the following committee appointments:


                                Adjunct Faculty Committee

                                Roy Latas (complete term 03-05)


                                Institutional Review Committee

                                Lori Waite (complete term 02-04)


                                Technology Master Plan Task Force

                                Mark Bealo

                                Mark Clark

                                Haydn Davis

                                Steve Crouthamel


                                Student Equity Committee

                                John Valdez


Motion 2                                MSC Bedford, Dolan: Faculty Senate approval of the ballot for the following committee appointments:


                                Curriculum Committee

                                Rosa Antonecchia (at large term  02-05)

                                Annette Squires (at large term 02-05)

                                Sara Thompson (at large term 03-06)


                                Personnel Standards & Practices Committee

                                Rocco Versaci (at large term 03-05)


                                Professional Development Review Board

                                Kalyna Lesyna (02-04 term)


                                Student Learning Outcomes Task Force

                                Pam McDonough


                                Academic Technology Committee

                                Monika Brannick (04-06 term)

                                Haydn Davis (03-05 term)


                                Administrative Services Planning Committee

                                Judy Dolan (through 2004)


                                Tenure & Evaluations Review Board Coordinator

                                Judy Crowe


                                                Senate members thanked Katie Townsend-Merino for all of her hard work as the new Committee on Committees                             chair.


Curriculum:                            Teresa Laughlin announced that there is a computer application titled, Curricunet, which will facilitate the                                  curriculum change and development process. There is a demo for the new program scheduled for Wednesday,                             March 31, from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. in room ES-19.  Brief discussion followed on the new program.


PD Hours for Attending

Board Meetings:


Motion 3                                MSCU Dowd, Miller: The Faculty Senate accepts the Professional Development Review Board’s recommendation                             that Category 3, Item 3E, be changed to reflect, “Become informed about and act on changing regulations,                                 legislation, and state programs, and other issues which affect the college.”


Motion 4                                MSCU Dowd, Cater: The Faculty Senate respectfully requests to the Professional Development Review Board that                     the number of hours for governance meetings attendance be set at 21 hours, not the proposed readjusted 12                             hours proposed.


Motion 5                                MSCU Dowd, Gowen: The Faculty Senate accepts the Professional Development Review Board’s request that the                             procedural change for the submission of proposed contracts be adjusted to these new due dates: for adjunct                             faculty, November 1st  in the fall and April 1st in the spring, and for full time faculty, April 1st.


Credit/No Credit

Signature:                      The current application process for a change of grading basis from A-F grading   to CR/NCR requires an                                                        instructor’s signature. Title V section 55752 does not require an instructor’s permission, as a minimum condition,                                                 but allows a student the option to elect the grading basis within the first 30% of a course.


                                        Consequently, a recommendation is being made for the removal of the instructor’s signature from the form. If a                                                 student chooses CR/NC grading, the online class roster will show, like it does now, that CR/NC grading has been                                                 selected by a student. The Admissions staff will continue to enforce all catalog course policies where CR/NC is                                                 not an option; no student will be allowed to select CR/NC when it is not available.


Motion 6                        MSC Dowd, Cater: The Faculty Senate supports the removal of the instructor’s signature from the Credit/No                                                 Credit form.


Motion 7                        MSC Dowd, Dolan: To extend the meeting until 3:30 p.m.


Committee on


Report:                                   Katie Townsend-Merino provided the following Committee on Committees report:


                                                The Committee on Committees was asked to determine how and why the term of one faculty member, Wendy                             Metzger, on the Administrative Services Planning Council (ASPC), was apparently changed from 02-04 to 03-05.                             In order to understand the issue, the committee communicated with the past chair of Committee on Committees,                             communicated with another faculty member, Judy Dolan on Administrative Services Planning Council, and read                             the emails from both Shannon Lienhart from 08/26/03 and Wendy Metzger from 08/26/03. The Senate                                          minutes were read from 12/02 to 05/03, and all the Administrative Services Planning Council minutes were read                             from fall 02 to spring 03. This is what was used as the group’s source of information.


                                Understanding the chronology, in August of 2002 there were no faculty members on Administrative                                               Services Planning Council (ASPC) because it was a new planning committee. There were three 02-04                                               openings. They should have been staggered when it started and they weren’t, with one of them being 01-03. In                                 September when the council was first developed, the volunteers were Jerry Houser and Wendy Metzger and they                                 were confirmed on ASPC. One term was left vacant throughout fall 2002. Wendy was on sabbatical during spring                                 2003 so she resigned from the committee leaving Jerry as the sole faculty member and then there were two                                     openings left for 02-04. The call for volunteers went out in the early spring to fill those committee slots that had                                 been left open by the resignations and no faculty members volunteered for ASPC. According to the Senate                                   minutes, on 02/10/03, Anne Voth relayed this information to the Senate. Judy Dolan remembers agreeing to be on                                 the committee with the awareness that she was finishing Wendy’s term and began attending            the ASPC                                 meetings on March 20, 2003, which would then leave one opening. However, Judy was never formally confirmed                                 to the position. In April 2003, when Anne went to prepare the volunteers for committees for the next academic                                 year, and in order to get the terms of the ASPC committee staggered, she changed the vacant 02-04 to 03-05. But                                 additionally at that same time for any committee that had a 02-04 vacancy, she changed it to 03-05 with the idea                                 that people would prefer to sign up for a two-year term rather than a one-year term. She did that for the Bookstore                                 Advisory Committee, the Campus Police Advisory Committee, the EOPS Advisory Committee, and the Facilities                                 Planning Committee. Only Wendy volunteered in April 02-03 for the 03-05 ASPC opening and she was confirmed                                 by the Senate in April of 2003.


                                                The Committee on Committees recommendations are as follows:

                                That Judy Dolan be confirmed to ASPC as she has been attending the meetings since 03/03

                                No changes should be made in the current ASPC membership.

                                In the future, terms should not be changed before they expire even when they’re vacant. Even though faculty                                 members may prefer to volunteer for two year terms, those changes can cause confusion about the terms.


1.        All committees are to be examined for appropriate staggering before the spring solicitation begins.

2.        When questions regarding committee membership or appointments and terms are expressed by any faculty member, that those concerns should be addressed by the Committee on Committees as soon as is reasonably possible.

3.        The new solicitation guidelines require that the Committee on Committees publish the terms of committee appointments on the solicitation materials.

4.        When volunteers are either confirmed or elected to a committee, they will again be notified of the term they are serving.


                                These practices should reduce any confusion on the part of faculty members.


Motion 8                                MSC Kelber, Gowen: The Faculty Senate accepts the recommendations made by the Committee on Committees.



Committee:                            Jerry Patton provided an update on the recent reorganization of the Bookstore. Administrative Services will retain                                                 fiscal watch over the operation but actual oversight of the processes and procedures in the bookstore have been                                                 shifted to Bruce Bishop under Joe Madrigal.


·         The Senate has expressed concern about the precedent setting move of the “Nike affair.”

                Jerry indicated that he has not and will not approve that arrangement, although he has been asked to do so. If they choose, they will finance it without any funds from the district.

·         The status of the new contract with Follett.

                Jerry stated that the current contract expires in November, and we will be able to utilize the current 5-year extension in its                 current terms or have to put out an RFP.

·         Can input or changes occur to the contract during that 5-year extension?

                Jerry stated that the members of the Bookstore Advisory Committee, along with the Bookstore Manager are open to                 changes brought forth by students and staff.

·         What is Joe Madrigal’s role?

                Jerry indicated that Bruce Bishop doesn’t report to him but is under Joe Madrigal. Bruce, as Director of Student Affairs, is                 more familiar with the day-to-day activities of the students are as well as what their needs might be.


                                Senate members also expressed concern to Jerry that the meeting time for the Bookstore Advisory Committee was                                 changed without discussing it with the membership. Not only was there a change in the chair of the committee,                                 but committee members are not being made aware of changes that are being made without their input.


                                When asked about simplifying the procedure for instructors ordering textbooks, Jerry Patton indicated that there                                 has been discussion about providing the service online but it is not available yet.


TERB Procedures:                There was a suggestion made that the Senate holds a joint meeting with the Tenure & Evaluations Review Board.                                    This would provide an opportunity for some dialogue between the two groups and an opportunity to clarify each                                                 group’s responsibilities and relationship.


Motion 9                                MS Kelber, Gowen: That the Tenure & Evaluations Review Board evaluate the Coordinator. The Coordinator                                                 should be evaluated based on the time in which they served under her.


                                                Sara Thompson read the following letter from TERB Coordinator Anne Voth:


                                        To: Sara Thompson, Vice President, Faculty Senate

                                                From: Anne Voth


                                        I formally request that Barb Kelber, Rocco Versaci, and Bonnie Dowd recuse themselves from any debate held in the                                                              Faculty Senate regarding me. Recuse themselves from any vote or any motion in the Faculty Senate regarding me and                                                            recuse themselves from any election in which I’m volunteering for a committee. I ask that the Vice President of the Senate                                                 request that any votes on any motions which involve me be roll call votes. It is blatantly clear from the Senate meeting of                                                    February 23 and other times as well that all three bear personal bias against me. I expect these three to stand by their own                                                     words and voluntarily recuse themselves in the above situations. They have repeatedly stated that it doesn’t matter that if a                                                 person states they can remain neutral, it only matters how one of the two sides feels. I believe it was stated, “it’s all about                                                     perception.” I expect these three to be held accountable and live up to their statements.


                                        Barb Kelber indicated that she would recuse herself because she was asked to do so, and asked that the Senate                                                 once again address the issue of a recusal policy on its next agenda.


                                        Bonnie Dowd indicated that she would recuse herself as well, and added that the Faculty Senate Ad Hoc Task                                                 Force will be bringing forward its recommendations regarding a recusal policy for both the Senate and the faculty                                                 at large. She also added that she would recuse herself from any issues relating to Chris Barkley as well.


                                        Discussion followed on the current climate on campus and whether it is appropriate for some Senators to be                                                 requested to recuse themselves when there is no current policy in place. Barbara and Bonnie were asked to                                                 reconsider their earlier statement that they would recuse themselves as requested by Anne Voth.  At this time,                                                 Information Item V. G. Academic Due Process was brought up and it was agreed that there needed to be more                                                 discussion and confirmation of the existing process.  Mary Ann asked that the Recusal Policy be brought back                                                 for an Action item for next Senate meeting. Bonnie said that given the discussion about a lack of current recusal                                                 policy she would not recuse herself but would instead abstain from any action taken today regarding the                                                       current TERB Coordinator.   She also stated that it was ironic that she, Barb and Rocco are being personally                                                 singled out by Anne Voth, who is clearly making her statement as a personal attack, given that Anne has criticized                                                the Senate about personnel attacks against her.  Also, given that Anne has refused to recuse herself in the past                                  when requested by several Senators to do so.


                                                Barb Kelber read the following, an email which she had sent to the Faculty Council following the previous Senate                                                 meeting on February 23.  She expressed her hope that it would allow all members of the Senate to consider the                                                 irony of Anne Voth’s request that she recuse herself from any votes on TERB matters, etc.:


                                        Please give me a few more minutes of your time to read and consider this, and then I’ll simply defer to the will of the                                                            Council.


                                        Months ago I argued in the Senate for a recusal policy, with an emphasis on policy rather than personality. Truly, in my                                                       mind that policy was meant to create a route around the personal, offering a clear way out of a muddy situation. It was                                                          during that discussion in the Senate, though, that I was aggressively shouted down and gaveled into silence. I believe a                                                             constructive policy decision was prevented that day.


                                        Before that discussion, I had made a straightforward request directly to the TERB coordinator, asking that she recuse                                                             herself, “certainly and at least” in the two cases in which she had filed a grievance against faculty members. What could be                                                    more plain or more obvious? It wasn’t personal; it was about seeking a policy that would protect not only our process but                                                      the participants on both sides. The response came in the form of an openly threatening letter, which was extremely                                                              personal. In itself, that letter should be grounds for a request that the TERB coordinator recuse herself from any access to                                                     my own peer review/student evaluation materials, which were in process at that time. Perhaps I should have gone directly                                                      to Maria and Teresa, my fellow Senators and members of the Board. Would they have felt able to advocate for a meeting to                                                 hear my “problems, complaints and concerns,” as the faculty manual suggests the Board should do?


                                        Did I feel afraid? Yes. Vulnerable? Absolutely. I still feel the same. At that time, I asked a probationary faculty member,                                                        whose tenure review committee I chair, whether she felt she might need to reconstitute her committee in order to separate  

                                        herself from me. I worried that I had put her at risk by taking a risk myself. Perception or reality? It doesn’t matter. I can’t                                                 accept the arrogance that would argue that point.


                                                Forgive me, then, if I wonder at the interest in fairness and protection that comes through in our exchanges about how the                                            Senate should proceed.


                                        So, a final request in this matter: please add an agenda item, “recusal policy,” to be placed on the Senate agenda and voted                                                     upon at the earliest possible date. Perhaps, in returning to that ground, we can look at how we got to this place from that                                                      one, and we can agree to go together in an entirely different direction.


                                                Rocco Versaci requested that the following letter be read to Senators:


                                                Dear Senators,


                                        By all accounts, TERB is meant to be an impartial body that guarantees fair and equal treatment to all faculty members. I                                                      believe that our current TERB Coordinator, Anne Voth, has violated this guarantee, acting neither fairly nor impartially                                                       with regards to certain faculty members. I believe that two administrators, Jack Miyamoto and Michael Rourke, have also                                                     acted unfairly and impartially towards certain faculty members. In an open and public manner, I have put forth my best                                                         case to reveal this situation, and I have made clear what I think needs to be done.


                                        However, I realize that I am but one voice among several, so I will follow whatever course the Senate, in its collective                                                           wisdom, wishes to set concerning this matter. At a minimum, I hope that this Senate sees fit to voice what should be an                                                         obvious truth: the unfair treatment of targeted faculty members is intolerable. I also hope that this Senate sees fit to                                                              dedicate itself to creating policy and procedures that ensure fair treatment for ALL faculty and not just for those of us who                                                   are least critical of each other or of the administration. I will participate in these endeavors both energetically and                                                                collegially.


                                                I respectfully submit this entire statement for inclusion into our Senate minutes of March 1, 2004.


                                                Rocco Versaci

                                        Faculty Vice President


Motion 9 amended       MSC Kelber, Gowen: That the Tenure & Evaluations Review Board conduct an evaluation of their Coordinator                                                 based on the time in which they served under her. The Faculty Senate also requests a copy of the TERB Annual                                                 Reports for the last four years.


                                                A roll call vote was requested:

                                        Cater, Judy: Aye

                                                Dolan, Judy: Aye

                                                Dowd, Bonnie Ann: Abstain

                                                Drinan, MaryAnn: Aye

                                                Evans, Martha: Aye (by proxy)

                                                Gowen, Brent: Aye

                                                Hohman, Anne: Aye

                                                Kelber, Barb Neault: Recuse

                                                Key, Doug: Aye

                                                Lutz, Dennis: Aye

                                                Nebelsick-Tagg, Marilee: Aye

                                                Norton, Sue: Aye

                                                Spear, Steve: Present

                                                Thompson, Sara: Aye

                                                Towfiq, Fari: Aye (by proxy)

                                                Townsend-Merino, Katie: Aye

                                                Waite, Lori: Aye


                                                Senators Bill Bedford, Teresa Laughlin, Stan Levy, Maria Miller, and Rocco Versaci had left the meeting.

                                                It was pointed out that although Barb Kelber agreed to recuse herself from voting on the motion, the request for                                                 recusal was made after the motion was made.


Motion 10                              MSC Townsend-Merino, Waite: To extend the meeting until 4:00 p.m.


Motion 11                              MSC Townsend-Merino, Hohman: The Faculty Senate requests that the Tenure & Evaluations Review Board                                                 provide copies of the evaluations of their Coordinator for the last 3 years.


                                                A roll call vote was requested:

                                        Cater, Judy: Aye

                                                Dowd, Bonnie Ann: Abstain

                                                Drinan, MaryAnn: Aye

                                                Evans, Martha: Aye (by proxy)

                                                Hohman, Anne: Aye

                                                Kelber, Barb Neault:Present

                                                Key, Doug: Aye

                                                Lutz, Dennis: Aye

                                                Nebelsick-Tagg, Marilee: Aye

                                                Norton, Sue: Aye

                                                Spear, Steve: Present

                                                Thompson, Sara: Aye

                                                Towfiq, Fari: Present (by proxy)

                                                Townsend-Merino, Katie: Aye

                                                Waite, Lori: Aye


                                                Senators Bill Bedford, Judy Dolan, Brent Gowen, Teresa Laughlin, Stan Levy, Maria Miller, and        Rocco Versaci                                                 had left the meeting.


Student Learning

Outcomes:                             The Learning Outcomes will develop a college-wide system for the assessment of learning, consistent with the                                                 Principles of Assessment. The committee’s role and function will be refined and modified as the institutional                                                 initiative for the assessment of learning development. The Learning Outcomes Committee has the responsibility                                                 for performing the following duties as well as identifying additional tasks which will enhance and improve student                                                 learning and success.



1.        Create on-going dialogue and encourage engagement of faculty and staff in the assessment of student learning.

2.        Develop and implement systems for identifying learning outcomes at the course, program, and institutional level.

3.        Develop and implement assessment processes.

4.        Establish and implement a process for the collection, analysis, and distribution of assessment data.

5.        Based on evidence and feedback, implement plans and strategies for improvement in student learning.

6.        Based on evidence and feedback, engage in ongoing review and revision of the institutional process for assessment.

7.        Develop and implement institutional celebrations of learning successes.


Learning Outcomes Committee Members:

Seven Faculty Members representing divisions appointed by Faculty Senate

Five Faculty Coordinators* to include

-          Faculty Senate Member

-          Curriculum Committee representative

-          Co-Chair appointed by the Faculty Senate

Faculty Professional Development representative – faculty only

Faculty Institutional Review representative* - faculty only


Vice President for Instruction/Co-Chair*

Vice President for Student Services*

One Instructional Dean

                                                Student Services Dean

                                                Director of Institutional Research and Planning*

                                                One Confidential and Supervisory Team Member appointed by CAST

                                                One Administrative Association Member appointed by Administrative Association

                                                One Classified Unit Employee appointed by CCE/AFT

                                                Supervisor, Evaluations and Records

                                                Two Adjunct Faculty, one vocational, one non-vocational



* Members of the Coordinating Council


                                                Barb Kelber indicated that our Accreditation Draft Report for the interim is due in the spring of                                                                         next year. In order for us to have an opportunity to act on this, we need to work with it in the fall                                                                      semester.


                                                Brief discussion followed on the membership. This item will be brought back for Senate action on                                                                    March 8.


Draft Instructional

Hiring Forms:                        Steve Spear indicated that the Draft of Instructional Hiring Forms will be presented for Action on                                                                     March 8.



ADJOURNMENT:               The meeting was adjourned at 4:02 p.m.


                                                Respectfully submitted,


                                                Bonnie Ann Dowd, Secretary