Minutes of the


March 29, 2004




PRESENT:                             Bill Bedford, Monika Brannick, Judy Cater, Judy Dolan, Bonnie Ann Dowd, MaryAnn Drinan, Brent Gowen, Anne Hohman, Barb Neault Kelber, Doug Key, Teresa Laughlin, Stan Levy, Dennis Lutz, Maria Miller, Marilee Nebelsick-Tagg, Sue Norton, Steve Spear, Sara Thompson, Fari Towfiq, Katie Townsend-Merino, Rocco Versaci


ABSENT:                               Martha Evans, Lori Waite


GUESTS:                                Shannon Lienhart, Susan Snow


CALL TO ORDER:               The meeting was called to order by the president, Steve Spear, at 2:00 p.m., in Room SU-30.


Welcome:                              Monika Brannick was welcomed as a new Senator.


Proxy Votes:                          Bonnie Dowd announced the following proxy votes:

                                                Bonnie Dowd holding a proxy for Martha Evans

                                                Judy Cater holding a proxy for Fari Towfiq


Resignation:                          Steve Spear announced that adjunct Senator Shelli Douglass has resigned from the Senate due to personal                                                   matters.


Approval of Minutes:         The minutes of March 22, 2004, were approved as amended.




Coordinator:                          Steve Spear announced that the memorandum seeking a replacement for Judy Eberhart as Professional Development Coordinator has been distributed.


President Amador:               Steve Spear gave the following report on his weekly meeting with Dr. Amador:

·         The issue of Professional Development hours for faculty attending Governing Board meetings was discussed. The PD Board has approved a maximum of 12 hours.  The Faculty Senate had requested and approved 21 hours. Per Steve, Dr. Amador said she objected to the 21 hours and the Senate is advised to go with the PD Review Board’s recommendation.


Senators discussed at length the fact that Professional Development is an Academic and Professional matter by law and by Palomar’s internal governance structure.  Faculty members and the Coordinator of the PD Review Board are appointed by the Faculty Senate.  Therefore, any issues related to PD are Academic and Professional Matters so the matter of how many hours to be approved for attending governing board meetings as a professional development activity is to be resolved by the Faculty Senate and its faculty members on the PD Review Board.  It was further discussed that while the College President might have an opinion it is not in her area of responsibility to intervene on Academic and Professional Matters.      


Senate members also discussed the issue of Academic Due Process and the need for faculty members to be aware of what their rights and responsibilities are in this regard.


This issue will be brought back for Senate action on April 5.


·         Continuing with his report on his meeting with Dr. Amador, Steve Spear indicated that the Learning Outcomes Council was also discussed. The Senate did ask for 60% release time for the co-chair, but Dr. Amador is only agreeing to 50%. This is an issue for PFF to negotiate.

·         The Faculty Tea is scheduled for May 6th, from 3:30 – 5:00 p.m.  Faculty who are retiring this year or who retired last year will be honored along with faculty reaching milestones for years of service to the district.


Area D Meeting:                  Steve Spear stated that he attended the Faculty Senate Area D meeting on Saturday, March 27 and gave the following report:


                                                ^ The State Academic Senate is supporting keeping current categorical funding except PFE and they want to fold that into the bottom line.


                                                ^ There is a movement to now include Counselors and Librarians in the 50% law.


                                                ^ The State Attorney General will finally come up with a rule relating to Faculty Senates and The Brown Act.


                                                ^ There is pending law (AB2678) which would require each community college to have a lending library of textbooks.


Instructional Planning

Council:                                 Sue Norton reported that the Instructional Planning Council (IPC) is discussing restoring some of the items cut last year, such as instructional equipment. She also reported there are a number of things which need to be replaced, particularly if they relate to compliance issues.


                                                Sue also reported that a task force was appointed to look into grants and they are expected to get started on their work within the next few weeks to find other ways to get money for the campus.


Administrative Services

Planning Council:                 Judy Dolan distributed copies of a memorandum distributed by Jerry Patton at the Administrative Services Planning Council providing the current status of the FY03-04 and FY04-05 budgets.


                                                She added that there is a lot of unrest in Administrative Services Planning Council (ASPC) about the fact that IPC did not do its share of cuts last year. ASPC wants to restore items which were cut as well because they feel that they took a very conservative approach last year. Now they are concerned that they may not get what they need.


Revenue Allocation

Committee:                            Bonnie Dowd announced that a special meeting of the Revenue Allocation Committee will be held on Tuesday, March 30 to discuss the budget. There is likelihood that there will be COLA this year; however, the state legislators are also discussing the need for statewide expenditure cuts if no taxes are going to be raised.


Past Senate Actions:           Sara Thompson reported that she has started going through all of the Senate Actions since 1997 attempting to locate changes approved by the Senate but actually updated in the on-line version of the Faculty Manual.


                                                Sara and the other members of the Task Force assigned to review the Faculty Manual have also discovered that many board policies and procedures need to be updated, particularly governance changes, e.g., PAC (President’s Advisory Council) was replaced by SPC (Strategic Planning Council) but various board policies and procedures have not been changed to reflect this new language. Berta Cuaron has volunteered to talk to Dr. Amador about the best way to get those updated and incorporated into the manual.


Motion 1                                MSC Dowd, Gowen: To extend the meeting until 3:30 p.m.


Other Reports:                      Shannon Lienhart addressed the Senate on the issue of Academic Due Process and statements made to her about negative comments. She indicated that she has written letters to the press and sent global emails on certain issues because she feels that she is unable to receive resolution in-house. She referred to herself and some of her colleagues who have raised concerns which have yet to be heard related to the Tenure & Evaluations Review Board Coordinator. She asked why the item has been on the agenda for so long and not discussed, as well as the need for it to be publicly addressed and outcomes reported so there is a historical record.


                                                Sara Thompson indicated that the Senate has discussed this issue and has asked the Vice President of Instruction and the Tenure and Evaluations Review Board for copies of the Coordinator’s evaluations and reports for the past four years. This request was based on a specific motion made at the Senate. There has also been a request for an evaluation of the TERB Coordinator this year based upon specific issues raised here in the Senate. We are currently waiting for those items and that is why the item remains on the agenda.


                                                Rocco Versaci interjected that the issue goes deeper than the TERB Coordinator’s evaluation because it has been reported that specific faculty members may have been denied Academic Due Process with regard to their evaluation.


                                                Discussion followed on recent events and discussions held at the Senate with regard to these reports and the operations of the Tenure & Evaluations Review Board and Coordinator.


                                                After further discussion Senators agreed that in addition to waiting for the reports from the Tenure & Evaluations Review Board, this issue could be forwarded to the Professional Procedures Committee to conduct interviews of all parties involved and report back to the Senate so that matters could be resolved once and for all.


                                                Senate members also discussed the fact that the previous Senate President has  applied for a reassigned faculty position after resigning from the Senate without resolution of the accusations brought forward by a Senate Task Force. The Task Force conducted an investigation of allegations regarding actions taken while she was serving in the reassigned Senate President position. There was never a hearing on the charges brought forward because the Senate President resigned the weekend before the hearing.  There was discussion of when faculty are appointed to reassigned faculty positions and the fact that they are expected to represent the interests of the Faculty.  Some feel that because the allegations were with regard to whether or not the former Senate President had represented the interests of faculty on a particular matter, a hearing should go forward to resolve that issue before the Senate consider her for appointment to another reassigned position.


Motion 2                                MSC Dowd, Laughlin: To extend the meeting until 3:45 p.m.



Appointments:                     Steve Spear announced that because Dean Michael Rourke is retiring, four to six faculty members will be needed to serve on a Hiring Committee. Because of the timeline proposed, the committee will have to meet from the end of May until June.  


                                                Senate members expressed concern with the short timeline of one month and of faculty members being asked to serve on a committee while they’re off contract. Senators wondered why an interim couldn’t be appointed to allow more time for the process and allow for a nationwide search as has been done in all dean hirings.


Motion 3                                MSCU Key, Hohman: The Faculty Senate strongly urges that the position of the Dean of the Mathematics and the Natural & Health Sciences Division be filled on an interim basis initially and a committee be convened to begin the process in the fall semester to permanently fill the position.


Learning Outcomes

Council:                                 Steve Spear provided copies of the revised call for volunteers for the Learning Outcomes Council/Coordinating Committee. One announcement will go out for the five positions providing release time and another for the eleven volunteer positions appointed by the Senate.


                                                MaryAnn Drinan indicated that the negotiations team will need to discuss with the college president the issue of exactly how much release time will be proposed.


                                                Barb Kelber followed up on discussions which occurred at the Senate meeting last week regarding voting and how it would occur. Senators feel that CAST and Classified staff members should not participate in voting relating to instructional matters. Barb relayed that information to Dr. Amador who, unfortunately, indicated that she did not recall agreeing to that stipulation and indicated that the council would determine how the voting would occur.


                                                Discussion occurred on the need for this Council to be an academically driven process.


Motion 4                                MSCU Levy, Dowd: That discussion on the Learning Outcomes Council be tabled until the April 5, 2004, Senate meeting, and that a representative of the Governing Board and Berta Cuaron be invited to the Senate to discuss concerns with the Senate.


Motion 5                                MSC Versaci, Hohman: To extend the meeting until 4:00 p.m.


Committee Appointments:


Motion 6                                MSC Cater, Levy: Faculty Senate approval of the following committee appointments:


                                                Student Equity Committee

                                                Rosa Antonnecia (03-05 complete term)


                                                Elections Committee (appointed by Stan Levy, Chair)

                                                Mark Clark (04-06)

                                                Colleen Weldele (04-06)


Motion 7                                MSC Dowd, Nebelsick-Tagg: Faculty Senate approval of the results of the ballot appointing Barb Neault Kelber to the Strategic Planning Council to complete a 03-05 term.


Motion 8                                MSC Versaci, Hohman: To suspend the agenda to address Action item I, TERB Procedures.


Motion 9                                MSC Versaci, Hohman: Under Faculty Senate Committees Article V, Section VI, Subsection E, the Faculty Senate directs the Professional Procedures Committee to determine within two weeks if a hearing is appropriate to investigate allegations of irregularities surrounding Monika Brannick and Daniel Finkenthal’s most recent Tenure Evaluation.


TERB Election:                     Steve Spear directed Elections Committee Chair Stan Levy to send out a call for nominations for the Tenure & Evaluations Review Board. Faculty members are needed to serve from the Languages & Literature Division, the Mathematics and the Natural & Health Sciences Division, Career, Technical, and Extended Education Division, and Counseling or Library/Media Center or Support Services. Alternates will also be elected from each division.


Motion 10                              MSC Kelber, Cater: The Faculty Senate directs the Faculty Senate Elections Committee to send out a call for nominations for the Tenure & Evaluations Review Board.


ADJOURNMENT:               The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.


                                                Respectfully submitted,


                                                Bonnie Ann Dowd, Secretary