Faculty Hiring Procedures




The Selection Committee, the Joint Selection Committee, and the Compliance Officer, are significant to the faculty hiring procedures.  All voting and non-voting members of the Selection Committee and Joint Selection Committee (defined below) are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.  The confidentiality agreement is a document mutually agreed upon by the Faculty Senate and District representatives.


All persons involved in faculty hiring will be trained in the process.  The training shall include:


A.        The philosophy and commitment of the District to diversity;


B.        the role and responsibilities of all participants;


C.        the selection process;


D.        interview procedures and techniques, including guidelines on appropriate follow-up questions and reference checks;


E.        cultural diversity in the interview process;


F.         confidentiality of the selection process.


Faculty Hiring Timeline (for routine hiring situations)


A.        The recruitment and timeline process will begin in the spring semester one academic year prior to the hiring of faculty members.


B.        Vice Presidents for Instruction and Student Services, through their individual Planning Councils, prioritize and submit faculty position recommendations to the Strategic Planning Council (SPC) by April 15.


C.        The Strategic Planning Council forwards its recommendations to the Superintendent/President and the Resource Allocation Committee by May 15.


D.        After the Resource Allocation Committee identifies the available funds for new positions, the Superintendent/President submits a list of position recommendations to the Governing Board for approval.


E.        Human Resource Services (HRS) develops job announcements for approved positions by September 1.


F.         The recruitment period from September 1 to December 1.

·                     Special mailing lists are forwarded to HRS by departments/programs.

·                     Publication recruiting requirements are submitted to HRS by departments/programs.

·                     Other special requirements.


G.        Selection Committees are formed prior to September 15.


H.        Search Committees develop screening criteria and interview questions prior to November 1.


I.          Interviews begin mid-February.


J.         Recommendation to Governing Board by May 30.


The Faculty Hiring Procedures Incorporates Five (5) Distinct Elements:


1.         Establishing the position


2.         Recruiting candidates


3.         Selection Committee


4.         Joint Selection Committee


5.         Governing Board review and approval


1.         Establishing the Position


A.        New and replacement faculty positions are identified by the department/program and submitted through the division dean and the appropriate Vice President, and to the appropriate Planning Council on or before March 31.


The following criteria should be addressed:


          75/25 ratio (i.e., ratio of WSCH taught by full-time to adjunct faculty

           Average class size in the department/program

          WSCH/FTE ratio

          Number of sections offered each semester, excluding concurrent sections and special projects classes

          Number of adjunct faculty employed each semester

          Position’s inclusion in the department/program plan

          Professional standards for staffing

          Course requirements

          Program growth or demand

          District goals and objectives

          Safety considerations

          External regulatory agency requirements or standards

          Technological or other changes requiring the hiring of faculty with special skills

          Scarcity of qualified adjunct faculty

          Any other relevant factors specific to the department’s/program’s needs not included above


2.         Recruiting Candidates


A.        The position announcement is developed through a collaborative process involving the department/program, appropriate administrators, and Human Resource Services.


B.        Human Resource Services provides technical assistance, including the identification of recruitment areas and appropriate advertising media.


C.        The position announcement must include the following qualifications and hiring            criteria:


1.         A description of the position duties and responsibilities, including a statement of required participation in department/program activities and College governance;


2.         Minimum qualifications:

a.         As determined by the department/program in accordance with Education Code Section 87356.


3.         Preferred Qualifications

a.         Additional desirable qualifications that are job related and support the responsibilities of the position may be included.


b.         A statement in accordance with Education Code section 87360 that requires that all applicants be sensitive to and have an understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability and ethnic backgrounds of community college students. Departments/programs may require applicants to explain or submit written materials that provide evidence of such understanding;


c.         Provision for presentation of qualifications that are equivalent to the minimum qualifications.


4.         Legal qualifiers established by Human Resource Services to comply with federal, state, and District regulations.


5.         The position announcement must be approved by the Department Chair/Director, the Dean, the appropriate Vice President, and Human Resource Services.




A.        Positions are open and advertised for a minimum of eight weeks.  In unusual or extenuating circumstances, the time frame may be reduced to not less than six weeks with the approval of the appropriate Vice President.


B.        Position announcements are posted on the Palomar College website, mailed to colleges, universities, and organizations committed to referring applicants from under-represented groups. In addition, positions are advertised locally and in professional publications recommended by the Selection Committee and/or the Department Chair/Director. Every effort is made to recruit qualified applicants from historically under-represented groups, including the utilization of the Chancellor's Office Diversity Registry.


C.        As part of the recruitment process, departments/programs are expected to contact appropriate organizations to assist in identifying qualified candidates and to disseminate information regarding the position.




A.        Human Resource Services accepts applications and supplemental materials until 4:30 p.m. on the closing date.


            B.        Applications which do not meet minimum qualifications but which have a completed equivalency form will be forwarded to the Faculty Senate Equivalency Committee for review and action.


            C.        All applicants with completed applications who meet stated minimum        qualifications will be forwarded to the Selection Committee.


3.         Selection Committee


            Selection Committee Composition


A.        The Selection Committee is composed of the following members:

·                     Chair of Selection Committee

o                   Department Chair/Director or designee

·                     Committee Members

o                   Faculty members from the discipline or closely related discipline (May substitute one (1) community member or faculty person from another institution).  These faculty members shall constitute a majority of the selection committee.

·         One (1) faculty member from outside the department/program

·         One (1) compliance officer - non-voting

·         One (1) ASG member (optional) – non voting


The Selection Committee is encouraged to include representation from historically under-represented groups.  Historically under-represented groups include racial and ethnic minorities, women, and persons with disabilities.  The Selection Committee should generally have no more than nine voting members.


Compliance Officer


It is the responsibility of the Compliance Officer to observe and monitor the faculty hiring process to ensure complete fairness and consistency for each applicant and to serve as a non voting resource person to the Selection and Joint Selection Committees regarding questions and concerns about the hiring process.  Specific tasks include the following:


A.                 Participate in training provided by Employment Services regarding the faculty hiring procedures and processes.


B.                 Serve as the District’s agent in verifying that the hiring process was fair and equitable for all candidates during a particular assignment.  The Compliance Officer’s testimony may be necessary should a candidate file litigation against the District regarding a particular hiring process.


C.                Remind the committee members of the confidentiality of the recruiting process at every stage.  Ensure that potential breaches of confidentiality are dealt with immediately and brought to the attention of the Assistant Superintendent/Vice President for Human Resource Services if appropriate.


D.                Provide input to the hiring timeline regarding one’s availability for the recruiting process, scheduled meetings, and interviews.


E.                 The Compliance Officer will not screen applicants, but should otherwise attend any and all meetings of one’s assigned faculty Selection Committee and Joint Selection Committee, including meetings to develop and score screening criteria and interview questions.  The Selection Committee and Joint Selection Committee may not meet without the Compliance Officer being present.


F.                 Remind the committee members of cultural differences and possible approaches to the interview process.


G.                Listen to concerns and questions of the committee members and provide input when requested or required, and consult immediately with Human Resource Services personnel when questions cannot be answered.


H.                In relation to the interview process the Compliance Officer has the following duties.


1.                  Assist the committee chair with distribution of materials, timing, introductions, totaling of points at the conclusion of the process, etc.


2.                  Observe and evaluate the interview process to ensure that all applicants are treated equally and fairly in the following areas: introductions to the committee, the interview process, the time allowed for the interview, the questions asked, etc.  The Compliance Officer will also ensure that follow up questions, when asked, are appropriate to the original intent of the approved questions, and do not hinder the applicant’s ability to complete the interview in a timely manner.


3.                  Listen to, but not participate in, the discussion of candidates after the interview to ensure that job related factors, as evidenced by the application materials and responses to the interview questions, are the ones considered in determining finalists.


4.                  See to it that any unanticipated or unplanned changes from the agreed upon format that occur in the first interview, are incorporated into procedures for subsequent interviews.


5.                  Caution committee members that discussion of candidates between interviews is not appropriate.


I.                    Though the Compliance Officer’s primary role is passive, i.e. to act as an advisor to the hiring committees and function as a liaison to Human Resource Services, the Compliance Officer may intervene or halt the hiring process to correct or prevent potential violations.


            The Vice President of Human Resource Services will appoint the Compliance Officer from a pool composed of mid level administrators (not to include Academic Deans) and faculty.  Every effort will be made by the Vice President of Human Resource Services to ensure that appointments will be fair and balanced in terms of the number of administrators and faculty appointed, and that all Compliance Officers will be utilized.  The Vice President will not appoint a Compliance Officer to serve on a Selection and Joint Selection Committee from the Compliance Officer’s own department.


The Faculty Senate will call for volunteers and appoint faculty members willing to serve as Compliance Officers. This list will be forwarded to the Vice President of Human Resources Services to be included in the Compliance Officer pool.


            Selection Committee Responsibilities


A.        The Compliance Officer must be present during all meetings of the selection committee


B.        Voting members of the Selection Committee identify selection criteria based on the minimum and desirable qualifications of the position in light of the expected duties and responsibilities of the position.  Selection criteria will include an evaluation of the extent to which applicants have and demonstrate sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students.


C.        Voting members of the Selection Committee develop job related interview questions designed to distinguish candidates who will best meet the needs of students. No interviews may be conducted without a Compliance Officer.


D.        Voting members of the Selection Committee determine the subject matter and format of the demonstration of teaching, counseling, or librarianship skills required of all faculty candidates.


E.        All voting members of the Selection Committee screen all applications to select candidates for interview.


F.         All members of the Selection Committee establish interview times so that all members can attend.


G.        All members of the Selection Committee interview all selected candidates using pre-approved questions.  Follow-up questions may be asked as long as they do not lead the candidate to a desired response and stay within the scope of the original question or answer.  In addition, information on the application, resume, or portfolio may be specifically addressed if not included in the original answer (and remains in the scope of the original question.


H.        The voting members of the Selection Committee recommend the finalists for consideration by the Joint Selection Committee. All recommended finalists must be acceptable to the Selection Committee since only a candidate recommended by the Selection Committee will be hired.  After at least two voting members of the Selection Committee (who have received additional training in conducting reference checks) have conducted references checks on the recommended finalists from the candidates’ application materials, and reported back to the Selection Committee, the names will be forwarded to the Joint Selection Committee.


            The recommended number of candidates forwarded to the Joint Selection Committee is as follows:


·                     Filling one position:             Preferably 3 candidates –minimum of 2

·                     Filling two positions:                      Preferably 4 candidates –minimum of 3

·                     Filling three positions:        Preferably 5 candidates –minimum of 4

·                     Filling four positions:          Preferably 6 candidates –minimum of 5


Selection Committee Applicant Screening


A.        Screening criteria and interview questions must be approved by the Human Resource Services Office before Selection Committee members have access to applications. Screening criteria help members to review objectively each application. The screening criteria must be listed on the Selection Criteria Report, along with the point value assigned to each criterion and the method of evaluation. Screening criteria are developed from the position description and the qualifications and requirements listed in the position announcement.


B.        All voting members of the Selection Committee complete screening forms for each applicant.


C.        Upon determination of applicants to be interviewed, all applications and screening forms are returned to Human Resource Services.


            Selection Committee Interviews

A.        Interviews are scheduled by Human Resource Services upon notification by the Selection Committee.


B.        Human Resource Services provides copies of the application and interview screening forms to the Selection Committee with an interview schedule.


C.        All members of the Selection Committee must be present for all interviews.  If a voting committee member misses an interview, that committee member is removed from the Selection Committee.   No interviews may be conducted without a Compliance Officer.


D.        At the request of the Selection Committee, a candidate who must travel more than 150 miles to interview with the Selection Committee may be interviewed by the Joint Selection Committee and the Superintendent/President or designee within a day of the Selection Committee interview. If the candidate becomes a finalist for the position, these interviews will serve as finalist interviews.


E.        After interviews are completed, members of the Selection Committee discuss and evaluate the qualifications of the candidates.  The Committee also considers whether the candidates selected as finalists will contribute to diversity at Palomar College.


F.         If the Selection Committee is not satisfied with the interviewed candidates, the Committee Chair may request to review the applicant pool to ensure that qualified applicants have not been overlooked.


G.        The Selection Committee Chair forwards the application materials of the finalists to the Dean who then convenes the Joint Selection Committee. The Selection Committee Chair returns the screening and interview forms and all other non‑finalist application materials to the Human Resource Services Office.


4.         Joint Selection Committee


            Joint Selection Committee Composition


The Joint Selection Committee is composed of the following members:

·                     Division Dean

·               Compliance Officer

·               Chair of Selection Committee

·               Vice President for Instruction or Student Services, as appropriate

·                     At least two (2) faculty members from Selection Committee


            This committee will be chaired by the Division Dean.  The Joint Selection             Committee should generally have no more than seven voting members. 


            Joint Selection Committee Interviews and Recommendations


A.        The Joint Selection Committee interviews all finalists forwarded by the Selection Committee.


B.        The Joint Selection Committee refers all interviewed finalists to the Superintendent/President.


C.        The Superintendent/President, or designee, interviews the finalists and presents his/her assessments and recommendations to the Joint Selection Committee. 


D.        The Joint Selection Committee will consider the Superintendent/ President's assessment and recommendations before coming to consensus. If the Joint Selection Committee and Superintendent/President agree on the recommended finalist, the name is recommended to the Governing Board. If no agreement is reached, the Joint Selection Committee and Superintendent/President will meet to discuss the finalists.  The Superintendent/President will make the recommendation to the Governing Board.  In addition, the Selection Committee will appoint a representative from the committee to attend the Superintendent/President’s interviews as an observer. This representative must attend all of the finalists’ interviews and subsequent meetings between the Committees and the Superintendent/President. The Selection Committee Representative may not comment on the Superintendent/President’s interviews with the finalists unless invited to do so by the Superintendent/President.


E.        The appropriate Vice President or designee extends the tentative offer of employment to the selected finalist and coordinates all necessary intake and orientation procedures with the Human Resource Services Office.


5.         Governing Board Review/Approval


            All offers of employment require approval by the Governing Board. GB 10‑12‑93, rev. GB 6/9/98, 1/22/02


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Revised:   February 26, 2003