Minutes of the


March 24, 2003




PRESENT:                             Chris Barkley, Bill Bedford, Judy Cater, Judy Dolan, Bonnie Ann Dowd, Teresa Laughlin, Stan Levy, Dennis Lutz, Mario Mendez, Maria Miller, Marilee Nebelsick-Tagg, Sue Norton, Jose Rangel, Steve Spear, Joe Stanford, Dan Sourbeer, Sara Thompson, Fari Towfiq, Rocco Versaci, Anne Voth, Lori Waite


ABSENT:                               Mike Arguello, MaryAnn Drinan


GUESTS:                                Beverly Gardner, Mary Millett, Haryo Praborro


CALL TO ORDER:               The meeting was called to order by the president, Chris Barkley, at 2:00 p.m., in Room SU-30.


Approval of Minutes:         The minutes of March 17, 2003, were approved as amended.


Proxy Votes:                          Bonnie Dowd announced the following proxy votes: MaryAnn Drinan’s proxy vote is being held by Rocco Versaci; Mike Arguello’s proxy vote is being held by Judy Cater.


Adjunct Senator

Vacancy:                                Stan Levy announced that the election to replace the adjunct senate representative would be held the first week of April rather than this week. The  current process provides a two-week voting period; therefore, the individual would not be appointed until May and would therefore only serve for one or two weeks before the term would end. The position would then open up again for the term for 2003-05. Therefore, it has been decided to hold off and do the adjunct election at the same time as the full-time senator elections.


The individuals who submitted their names previously will automatically be nominated for this two-year term and included on the ballot.


Faculty Poll:                          Stan Levy asked for Senate volunteers to assist and/or observe the tabulation of the Faculty Poll on Wednesday, April 2nd at 1:15. Bonnie Dowd and Teresa Laughlin volunteered to be present.


Adjunct Faculty

Elections:                               Following up on discussion from the March 17th Senate meeting on adjunct faculty members also participating in a faculty poll, Chris Barkley distributed copies of the current email list of adjuncts. The list contains 617 names, out of an estimated 850 adjunct faculty members currently teaching this semester.


                                                The following postponed motion was placed on the table:


Motion 1                                MSF Bedford, Sourbeer: The Faculty Senate directs the Senate Elections Committee to send out an electronic poll to adjunct faculty members asking if they have confidence in the leadership style and management skills of President Sherrill Amador. Motion failed.


                                                Lengthy discussion occurred on the adjunct faculty email list provided. Some Senators noted missing names, as well as some who were listed but were no longer teaching here. It was suggested that department chairs be contacted to look through the list, check it against their list of adjuncts and inform adjuncts who are not on the list to obtain a Palomar email address. Any adjunct who does not have an email address can get an “@palomar.edu” address; and any adjunct that prefers to use a home email address can still be added to the global list by calling Information Systems. Each department on campus should have a current email list of adjunct faculty members in their departments and could provide that list to Information Systems each semester. It was agreed that a mechanism must be in place to correspond with all our faculty members.





Motion 2                                MSC Voth, Cater: Faculty Senate approval of Joe Schaeffer to the Program Review Task Force.


General Studies AA:            The AA for General Studies is being modified to meet Title 5 requirements. The student has the option of selecting 18 units from one group: Arts and Humanities, Science and Mathematics, or Social and Behavioral Sciences. Only three units may double-count between the AA general education requirements and the selected emphasis. Also, students may receive only one General Studies major.


Motion 3                                MSC Laughlin, Dowd: Faculty Senate approval of the General Studies AA Degree as proposed.


Joint Council Motion:


Motion 4                                MSCU Voth, Sourbeer: The Faculty Senate respects the role of the PFF to negotiate the specifics of working conditions, but has a responsibility of its own to comment on all issues relating to academic and professional matters. Palomar College is committed to educational excellence and student success. District proposals to increase workload and class size run counter to this culture and will negatively impact faculty morale, curriculum and program delivery, and student success. The Faculty Senate supports PFF and urges the District to work with PFF to maintain this commitment.


Budget Cut Proposals:        Copies of the following Motion passed at the Instructional Planning Meeting of March 19, 2003, were provided:


                                                Motion: Recommend that a task force representative of all constituent groups and senior and executive administration be formed to look at the entire budget to identify ways to reduce the budget while putting people first to meet the expected deficit.


                                                Copies of the Considerations for Budget Reductions for Administrative Services, Instruction Services, Student Services, and Human Resource Services were also provided.


Discussion occurred on the statewide budget cuts and how they should be dealt with district-wide, and not clouded together with reorganization. Some of the budget cuts proposed appear to deal with reorganization issues rather than budget issues. Most department chairs still have not been contacted by members of the administration regarding the proposal to have Academic Department Assistants report to the deans rather than the department chairs.


Senate members agreed that Dr. Amador needs to provide a clear delineation of what is being proposed as “reorganization,” and what is being proposed as “budget cuts.”


It was pointed out that two large numbers were not included in the documents provided: the cancellation of many classes, and the savings incurred by the district being over cap this year. Also not included was the potential savings with the SERP currently being negotiated by the district and the Palomar Faculty Federation and savings from recent retirees.


Additional discussion followed on the proposals for budget cuts, as well as the lack of input solicited by faculty and staff who will be most impacted.


This item will be presented for Senate Action on March 31, 2003.


Bill Bedford called for the order of the day.


Motion 5                                MSC Dowd, Sourbeer: To extend the meeting.


Research Award

Committee:                            The following Senate members will review the materials submitted by the candidates and/or their nominators in consideration of the Research Award:

                                                Sue Norton, Chair

                                                Judy Cater

                                                Teresa Laughlin


                                                The group will present their recommendation to the Senate at an upcoming meeting.


President Evaluation

Survey:                                  Rocco Versaci announced that he would present the following Motion to the Senate for approval at the March 31, 2003, meeting:


                                                The Faculty Senate directs the Faculty Senate President to read this statement as part of the Faculty Senate report at the April 8th Governing Board meeting; that we distribute copies of this statement to all Governing Board members; and that we deliver a copy to Barbara Baldridge for insertion, verbatim, into the official minutes of that meeting.


According to the employment contract of Sherrill Amador, “the Superintendent/President will receive an annual written evaluation by the Governing Board no later than May 1 of each year. This evaluation will be based on overall performance and mutually agreed upon goals and objectives…” (emphasis ours).


                                                The category of “overall performance” is intentionally broad and must necessarily include relevant aspects of job performance not covered by the goals and objectives decided upon by Dr. Amador and the Governing Board members who oversaw her hiring. The Faculty Senate believes that a key aspect of Dr. Amador’s “overall performance” must include how she has fostered – or damaged – the state of collegiality at Palomar College.


                                                To help inform the Governing Board members of the state of collegiality, the Faculty Senate delivered, in closed session, a survey sent out to all full-time faculty that contained both numerical scores and narrative comments. The Faculty Senate takes this survey seriously and would like some indication from the members of the Governing Board that they do as well.


                                                The Faculty Senate wishes to remind the Governing Board that this survey is not an official personnel document; it is simply a survey administered by the Senate to obtain feedback and information from the faculty at large. The Faculty Senate reserves the right to disseminate the information collected by this survey, particularly if it seems as though members of the Governing Board are not willing to be informed by its contents.


Revenue Allocation

Committee:                            Mario Mendez reported that the members of the Revenue Allocation Committee recently meet and discussed the 2002-2003 and 2003-2004 budgets. Steve Spear and Bonnie Dowd were also present at the Revenue Allocation Committee meeting last week.  Mario asked that they add comments to his report. 


A handout was provided and it was reported that mid-year budget savings made are more than actual mid-year cuts needed due to the Governor’s signing of recent legislation, which reduced the actual amount of mid-year cuts necessary.  The excess of approximately $1.3 million will be applied against next year’s expected cuts.  The 2003-2004 cuts could be as much as $8 million; however, it is anticipated that it will more likely be half of that amount in addition to the cuts taken mid-year 2002-2003.  Jerry Patton distributed a reconciliation of all funds including listings of designated and restricted accounts.  He has been asked to delineate on the reconciliation particularly, fund 11, which amounts are designated and which are restricted.  It is expected that further information will be provided at the next RAC meeting with regard to the designated accounts. It was also reported that faculty members asked whether or not the district regularly reviews designated accounts.  Jerry’s response during RAC was that hasn’t been the case in the past; however, it will be happening this year.


Discussion continued with Senators asking questions about the summaries distributed and the amount of reserve the district maintains.  It was reported that Jerry Patton reported at RAC that he is recommending that the district’s current practice of a 5% reserve be reduced to 3.5%.  


The Senate discussion concluded with acknowledgement of the difficult task facing Jerry Patton with regard to the budget decreases and the outstanding job he does as Chief Financial Officer of the district and how fortunate Palomar is to have him.


ADJOURNMENT:               The meeting was adjourned at 3:19 p.m.


                                                Respectfully submitted,


                                                Bonnie Ann Dowd, Secretary