Minutes of the


March 4, 2002




PRESENT:                             Mike Arguello, Chris Barkley, Bill Bedford, Monika Brannick, Mike Byron, Judy Cater, MaryAnn Drinan, Nancy Galli, Katheryn Garlow, Doug Key, Stan Levy, Mario Mendez, Maria Miller, Ruben Murcia, Suzann Norton, Jose Rangel, Joe Stanford, Fari Towfiq, Rocco Versaci, Anne Voth, April Woods




GUESTS:                                Rebecca Faubus


CALL TO ORDER:               The meeting was called to order by the president, Chris Barkley, at 2:00 p.m., in Room SU-30.


Approval of Minutes:         The minutes of February 25, 2002, were approved as amended.





Motion 1                                MSC Woods, Levy: Faculty Senate approval of the following committee appointment:


                                                Standard Seven                                   

                                                Pat Mills, Speech/ASL

Lori Waite, DSP&S (Chair)


Hiring Committee for the Dean of Media, Business, & Community  Services

Kathleen Clyne, Nursing (Outside Member)

Judy Dolan, Business

Grace Fowler, Graphic Communications

Walter Pistone, CSIS

Paul Stachelek, Communications


Classified Employee of the Year Task Force

Dan Arnsan


Motion 2                                MSC Cater, Galli: Faculty Senate approval of the results of the ballot supporting the following appointments:


                                                Anne Voth, Tenure & Evaluations Review Coordinator

                                                Phil deBarros, Co-Chair, Curriculum Committee

                                                Michael Mufson for the Stanback-Stroud Diversity Award





Faculty Senate Meeting, March 4, 2002

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Out of Area Schools:           Copies of a letter to Dr. Amador expressing the Senate’s concern about the disadvantage placed on our students by our “out of area” designation placed by SDSU was distributed for review. Brief discussion followed on the contents of the letter. It was suggested that because the designation has already been changed, the letter should focus on the need to relax the entrance requirements.


                                                Senate members also agreed to add a request in the letter to Dr. Amador asking her to formally protest these changes by sending a letter to Dr. Weber, President of San Diego State.


Governor’s Budget:             An updated summary of the Governor’s proposed 2002-03 Community College budget reductions and their impact on Palomar College, as well as a list of legislators’ addresses were distributed.  Faculty members are being asked to write to legislators asking for the restoration of the funds that were cut from Community Colleges as outlined in the State Budget. Sample letters, postage paid envelopes, as well as a list of legislators and their addresses are available in the Senate and ASG offices.


Disciplines List Action:      Comments received on the proposed changes to the Disciplines list were presented to Senate members last week. The English and Family & Consumer Sciences departments outlined their reasons for opposing the proposed changes, and the Life Sciences and Chemistry departments approved the proposed changes.


Motion 3                                MSC Cater, Key: The Faculty Senate directs its president to present departmental views and vote based on these departmental recommendations from the English, Family & Consumer Sciences, Life Sciences, and Chemistry departments on the proposed changes to the Disciplines List at the Statewide Academic Senate meeting in April, 2002.


Disciplines List

Information:                          Copies of the comments received on the proposed changes to the Disciplines List for the Math, Nursing, and Economics, History, & Political Sciences departments were distributed. The Math & Nursing departments outlined their reasons for opposing the changes, and the EH&PS department indicated their support of the changes. This will be brought back for Senate action on March 11, 2002.


                                                Also distributed was a memo from Bonnie Ann Dowd, Chair of the Business Department, stating that their department has reviewed its minimum qualifications for the Business department and do not have any proposed changes.


Strategic Planning:               Chris Barkley reported that the members of the Strategic Planning Committee met on Thursday, February 28, 2002, and having completed their task, voted to discontinue their meetings. Their last two suggestions were that the proposed Configuration, Role, and Members of the Strategic Planning Council be forwarded to the President’s Advisory Council with the recommendation to eliminate PAC and the Educational Master Planning Committee and substitute for PAC a Strategic Planning Council.  Senators also suggested that under

membership, the wording should be changed to add “Faculty” Coordinator, Professional Development. The document will also be sunshined to faculty

Faculty Senate Meeting, March 4, 2002

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members for their input.  This will be presented for Senate action on March 11, 2002.


The Senate’s recommendation to add an item to the strategic plan survey identifying the participant as “faculty” or “staff” or “other” was accepted.


Strategic Planning Committee members also discussed and chose a new logo for Palomar College. Chris Barkley distributed copies of the new design. Faculty members will have an opportunity to view this when it is sunshined in the near future.


Academic Standards

& Practices Committee:       Joe Stanford reported that a presentation will be made at the Wednesday, March 6th Faculty Meeting on the proposed changes to the Faculty Hiring Policy. Ways of speeding up the hiring process without compromising our commitment to diversity, including moving from the three-tiered system to a two-tiered system with the dean at the last tier, are some of the items being discussed. Also noted was the need for more timely hiring and speeding up the time period in which position announcements are sent out, sometimes months after positions become vacant. Brief discussion followed.


Committee:                            Reporting on the recent meeting of the Technology Committee, Mike Arguello indicated that the committee has approved two pilot projects for academic computing on campus: initiating this summer a wireless project in the library which will involve a wireless internet network available to all faculty, students, and community members. It is hoped that this project can be implemented in other areas on campus as well, such as the new Student Center. In the fall semester, a pilot wireless internet lab will be introduced using 16-20 laptops for instructor/classroom use on campus.

                                                He added that there has been a process occurring across the country of the folding of Academic Technology and Information Systems into one unit to save money. The result would be taking from funds away from Academic Technology in favor of General Administrative Technology. Senators expressed their concern.


Faculty Meeting:                  Doug Key reminded those present of the Faculty Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, March 6, 2002, at 2:00 p.m. in room SU-30.


ASG Report:                          Rebecca Faubus provided the following ASG report:

·         Members of the ASG will pick up letters from faculty members who write to legislators about the proposed budget cuts. Call ext. 2605 for more information.

·         Vacancies exist on the Chancellor’s office for students on Advisory Committees due to lack of travel funds.

·         Women’s History will be celebrated on Wednesday, March 13th.

·         Donations are being accepted for “Becky’s House,” an abuse shelter for women and their children. Items such as toothpaste and other toiletry items are needed. Bring all items to the Student Activities Office or contact Marilyn Lunde at ext. 2595.


ADJOURNMENT:               The meeting was adjourned at 2:55 p.m.


                                                Respectfully submitted,