Minutes of the


April 1, 2002




PRESENT:                            Mike Arguello, Chris Barkley, Monika Brannick, Mike Byron, MaryAnn Drinan, Katheryn Garlow, Doug Key, Stan Levy, Mario Mendez, Maria Miller, Ruben Murcia, Morgan Peterson, Suzann Norton, Jose Rangel, Joe Stanford, Sara Thompson, Rocco Versaci, April Woods


ABSENT:                              Bill Bedford, Judy Cater, Nancy Galli, Fari Towfiq, Anne Voth


GUESTS:                               Rebecca Faubus, Jose Fernandez


CALL TO ORDER:             The meeting was called to order by the president, Chris Barkley, at 2:03 p.m., in Room SU-30.


Welcome:                              Morgan Peterson and Sara Thompson were welcomed as new Senators.


Approval of Minutes:          The minutes of March 18, were approved as amended.





Motion 1                                MSC Woods, Garlow: Faculty Senate approval of the outcome of the vote for the following committee appointments:


                                                Grievance Committee on ADA Compliance

                                                Shayla Sivert

                                                Patti Waterman


Chair of the Committee

on Committees:


Motion 2                                MSC Stanford, Peterson: Faculty Senate ratification of the following faculty members to the Committee on Committees:


                                                Doug Key

                                                Ruben Murcia

                                                Suzann Norton

                                                Anne Voth, Chair

                                                April Woods


Senate Liaison to PFF:       Chris Barkley reported that the members of the Faculty Council and the PFF Executive Board have distributed a statement indicating their commitment to work together in the best interests of faculty. Establishing liaisons has been suggested as a way to keep the lines of communications open between the two bodies. She added that the Senate might wish to recommend that the individual appointed as the liaison be a member of the faculty council. This would be useful because council members are already members of the PFF/Senate Leadership Board and are privy to all of those discussions. One Senate member disagreed, stating that all senate members should be considered equally.


Motion 3                                MSC Key, Murcia: The Faculty Senate supports the establishment of a liaison to the Palomar Faculty Federation.


                                                Discussion followed on how the position should be appointed. Chris Barkley suggested that those senate members interested in being considered should contact Committee on Committee chair April Woods by the end of the week for consideration at the next Faculty Senate meeting on Monday, April 8th.


                                                MaryAnn Drinan added that the Executive Board of the Palomar Faculty Federation will discuss a liaison to the Faculty Senate at their next meeting.


Executive Session &

Agenda Items:                      Following up on discussion which occurred at the March 18th Senate meeting in relation to bringing items to the Senate for discussion, Chris Barkley stated that according to the Faculty Constitution, any Senator or faculty member can call for an Executive Session, but what is not clear is when during the meeting it can be called and if any notice should be given. She added that in an effort to run an effective meeting it is hoped that Senate members or visitors will inform her or the Senate Secretary of the issues they wish to discuss in Executive Session prior to the start of the meeting. The Faculty Manual also states that discussion at the Faculty Senate should be limited to items on the agenda unless there is concurrence of the Senate. Senate members agreed that some flexibility should be allowed if the Senate President or Secretary is informed of the issue prior to the meeting.


                                                Discussion followed on the current agenda format and the use of “other” on the Agenda in bringing items forward. There were varied viewpoints on whether this issue places restrictions on individuals wishing to bring items forward.


PFF & Faculty

Leadership:                          Chris Barkley reported that the members of the Faculty Council and the PFF Executive Board met on Wednesday, March 20th.  Members of both groups will continue to meet and discuss issues impacting faculty.


Academic Standards &

Practices Committee:         Joe Stanford reminded those present of the meeting hosted by the members of the Academic Standards & Practices Committee on Thursday, April 11th at 2:00 p.m. in Room D-10.


Proposed Layoffs

of Faculty:                             Jose Fernandez asked for Senate support in the form of a resolution opposing the proposed layoffs in the Counseling Department. Chris Barkley indicated that this item would be presented for Senate action on April 8th. Discussion followed on the need for faculty unity on this issue.


                                                Chris Barkley added that the March 15th notices have gone out, but the layoff notices themselves do not need to go out until May 15th and we will still not have a new budget on that date. She indicated that the following arguments will be brought forward:

·         If there are suddenly four fewer faculty serving our students as counselors, the entire program will suffer.

·         In terms of the processes we use to determine who to hire on campus, it was determined through the Staff Priorities Committee that these four positions were needed.

·         The school has already invested funds in training these faculty with the professional development they’ve done this year, including the week-long orientation, academic technology, etc.

Adoption of new

Palomar College Logo:      Discussion occurred on the recent adoption of the new Palomar College logo. It has been accepted by the members of the Strategic Planning Committee and brought to the Governing Board for approval. Concern was expressed that no consideration or input was sought from the art department in its design. In fact, some members of the art department have expressed concern that the logo may be a copyright infringement because its design is almost identical to a popular cleaning product. Chris Barkley indicated that she would check on the status of the logo, and take a suggestion to the Strategic Planning Task Force that the final logo should not be approved without some input and suggestions from the art department. This item will be brought back for further discussion on April 8th.

President’s Advisory

Council:                                Reporting on the President’s Advisory Council meeting, Chris Barkley stated that the group voted to disband PAC and EMPC for the establishment of the Strategic Planning Council.


ASG:                                      Rebecca Faubus provided the following ASG report:

·         Members of the ASG have just returned from a trip to Washington D.C. and had many successful meetings with legislators in relation to the potential budget cuts.


Suggestion Box:                  Chris Barkley reported that a letter was sent to the Senate Suggestion Box with an article on Southwestern College’s recently established “Hall of Fame” which appoints former students, employees, and community members. The letter suggested that such a program be implemented here at Palomar.


ADJOURNMENT:               The meeting was adjourned at 3:13 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


April Woods, Secretary