Minutes of the


April 15, 2002




PRESENT:                            Mike Arguello, Chris Barkley, Bill Bedford, Monika Brannick, Judy Cater, MaryAnn Drinan, Nancy Galli,  Katheryn Garlow, Doug Key, Stan Levy,  Mario Mendez, Maria Miller, Ruben Murcia, Morgan Peterson, Suzann Norton, Jose Rangel, Joe Stanford, Sara Thompson, Fari Towfiq, Rocco Versaci, Anne Voth, April Woods


ABSENT:                              Mike Byron


GUESTS:                               Bonnie Ann Dowd, Rebecca Faubus, Sean Weimer


CALL TO ORDER:             The meeting was called to order by the president, Chris Barkley, at 2:03 p.m., in Room SU-30.


Approval of Minutes:          The minutes of April 8, 2002, were approved as amended.



Appointments:                      None


Ballot to appoint

Senators:                              Chris Barkley asked for input from Senate members on whether it would be appropriate to identify which faculty members are incumbents in the upcoming elections to replace Senators. After brief discussion, there was overall agreement that listing incumbents may give an unfair advantage to those running for a second term.


Senate Liaison to PFF:


Motion 1                                MSC Cater, Murcia: The Faculty Senate accepts the results of the ballot appointing April Woods as the Senate liaison to the Palomar Faculty Federation.




Questionnaire:                    Copies of a memorandum from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office regarding system involvement in the 2003/2004 budget package was distributed for review. Senate presidents are asked to complete the form which asks for input on issues such as Cost of Living, Equalization, PFE, Human Resources, Student Outreach, Telecommunications & Technology, and Economic Development. Brief discussion followed on providing comments and narrative responses to these issues.


Voter Registration

Campaign:                            Sean Weimer and Rebecca Faubus told Senate members of the ASG’s plans to initiate a voter registration campaign on campus. Members of the ASG will go to classrooms and pass out registration cards, as well as provide protest letters on proposed cuts to community colleges to students who wish to participate. Faculty members interested in participating should call the ASG office at ext. 2605. This information will also be available in the library and at a table the ASG will place at a central location on campus.


Chris Barkley added that the Statewide Academic Senate has passed a resolution recommending that campuses work with their Associated Student Government groups in developing a voter registration campaign. A potential bond measure coming in November would help fund some buildings for community colleges, including our science building.


Academic Standards

& Practices:                         Joe Stanford reported that that the members of the Academic Standards & Practices Committee hosted a meeting on Thursday, April 11th with members of the administration to present to faculty members the proposed changes to the Faculty Hiring Policy.  He commended those faculty members present for their input and suggestions. Members of the committee will meet this week to discuss the suggestions made at the meeting, particularly as it relates to deans serving on the first level interviews and shortening the timeline for faculty hiring.of the interview process. Brief discussion followed.


Motion 2                                MSC Cater, Voth: To suspend the Agenda.


Motion 3                                MSC Cater, Voth: To move to Executive Session and invite Bonnie Ann Dowd to participate in the discussion.


                                                The Senate moved to Executive Session at 2:35 p.m.


                                                Open Session resumed at 3:20 p.m.


Motion 4                                MSC Cater, Versaci: To extend the meeting.


Motion 5                                MSCU Key, Cater: To move the discussion of the Senate working jointly with the Palomar Faculty Federation to Action.


Motion 6                                MSCU Versaci, Norton: The Faculty Senate directs its Senate Faculty Council to use the letter drafted by Doug Key in its meeting with the Palomar Faculty Federation.  A and generate a joint Palomar Faculty Federation/Senate Faculty Council letter that will be sent in response to the district’s interpretationquestion raised by Palomar Faculty Federation and that we include as well the letter drafted by Bonnie Ann Dowd presenting the historical perspective of “faculty representation” withthe Senate with respect to the Salary Enhancement Plan.


Other:                                    Rocco Versaci presented the following letter from several faculty members commending ASG President Sean Weimer in his ongoing support of faculty and staff at Palomar:


                                                We faculty members of Palomar College are writing to express our deep appreciation and respect for Sean Weimer, the Associated Student Government President. One of Sean’s many duties is to represent the students in an advisory capacity at the monthly Governing Board meetings. These meetings have been a great source of frustration for members of the Palomar community who seek a true and open dialogue regarding the issues that concern us.


                                                The current Board members devote substantial amounts of time to discussing their own social activities of the previous month. Then when it comes time to deliver votes of paramount concern to the educational integrity of Palomar, they laconically say “aye” to laying off faculty members and to dividing growth monies inequitably.


                                                Sean Weimer has been a happy exception to this rule. In the face of incredible pressure, Sean has spoken out and voted against these policies. He recognizes that many of the decisions being made are not in the best interests of the students at Palomar, nor are they being arrived at publicly or in a manner that appears deliberate. Sean’s independence influences decisions otherwise made solely in the closed circle of administration and Governing Board. In fact, after the March 12th meeting, where the Board voted in favor of laying off several counselors (and at which meeting there was a strong faculty presence who applauded Sean’s “nay”), the administration miraculously “found” the money to keep the positions.


                                                The students – and faculty – of Palomar are fortunate to have Sean Weimer sitting up there on the second Tuesday of each month. It’s a pity that his integrity and concern for Palomar’s educational community have not enlightened the other Board members.


                                                Rocco Versaci added that copies of the letter have been forwarded to the Telescope, the North County Times, and the San Diego Union Tribune.


Statewide Academic

Senate Meeting:                  Chris Barkley reported the following changes to the Disciplines List at the Spring Session of the Statewide Academic Senate Meeting:


                                                The following proposed changes received a “yes” vote:




                                                Sign Language was divided into two disciplines


                                                The addition of Martial Arts



                                                The following proposed changes received a “no” vote:

                                                The addition of Applied Music

                                                The addition of Mental Health Counseling

                                                Shorter than six-week classes for English or Speech

                                                                The Senate also voted to oppose this

                                                On general principle, short classes for any discipline were opposed

                                                Budget cuts for all areas targeted by the Governor were opposed

                                                The Accreditation standards changes

                                                Counseling faculty licensure


                                                Papers were adopted on Faculty as Professionals, Part-Time Faculty, and Academic Literacy.


Governing Board:                Chris Barkley provided the following report on the April 9th Governing Board meeting:

·         2nd year contracts were approved for the Faculty Counselors initially scheduled for lay-offs.

·         A 3.41% pay increase was approved for classified staff and a 3.66 for members of the Administrative Association.

·         Sabbatical Leaves for 2002-2003 were approved.

·         Judy Eberhart’s title was changed to include Matriculation.

·         A contract with the Palomar College Foundation was renewed.

·         Faculty Appreciation Week will be celebrated May 5 – 11, 2002.


ASG:                                      Rebecca Faubus provided the following ASG report:

·         Members of the ASG are continuing with their lobbying efforts

·         Rebecca was awarded the All USA Academic California Team Medal

·         Springfest will be held April 22 – 26, 2002 and a “Battle of the Bands” is scheduled.

·         Faculty, staff, and administrators are invited to wear their shirts, sweaters, or other paraphernalia from the colleges that they attended on Thursday, April 25, which has been designated, “College Spirit Day.”

·         ASG elections will be held April 28 & 29, 2002.

·         A memorial of twin cedar trees with a plaque paid for by Phi Theta Kappa will be planted on campus in remembrance of the victims of September 11.

·         The ASG will be purchasing a new welcome sign for Lot 12.



ADJOURNMENT:               The meeting was adjourned at 3:35 p.m.


                                                Respectfully submitted,


                                                April Woods, Secretary