Minutes of the


April 21, 2003




PRESENT:                             Chris Barkley, Bill Bedford, Judy Cater, Judy Dolan, Bonnie Ann Dowd,  Teresa Laughlin, Stan Levy, Dennis Lutz, Mario Mendez, Maria Miller, Marilee Nebelsick-Tagg, Sue Norton, Jose Rangel, Steve Spear, Joe Stanford, Dan Sourbeer, Sara Thompson, Fari Towfiq, Rocco Versaci, Anne Voth, Lori Waite


ABSENT:                               Mike Arguello, MaryAnn Drinan


GUESTS:                                Marilee Meiners, Haryo Praborro


CALL TO ORDER:               The meeting was called to order by the president, Chris Barkley, at 2:00 p.m., in Room SU-30.


Service Award:                     Stan Levy announced the recipients of the Faculty Service Award:

                                                MaryAnn Drinan

                                                David Forsyth


Senate Elections:                  There was discussion on distributing the ballots to elect the new Senators. Because of the recent difficulties with the email system, there was overall agreement that the ballots would be distributed via campus mail. Due to time and money constraints, the double envelope process will not be used.


Proxy Votes:                          Bonnie Dowd announced the following proxy votes:

                                                Judy Cater holding a proxy for Mike Arguello

                                                Rocco Versaci holding a proxy for MaryAnn Drinan


Approval of Minutes:         Discussion occurred on whether the request for an adjunct poll regarding replacement of Dr. Amador should be included in the April 7, 2003, minutes because it had not actually been. Although the entire wording wasn’t read as information at the last Senate meeting.  A similar poll for full-time faculty had been read in its entirety but the adjunct poll request, there was merely referred toreference made to the document and a copy given to the Senate’s secretarial assistantsecretary.


Motion 1                                MSF Miller, Cater: To amend the Faculty Senate minutes of April 7, 2003, removing the requestswording which includes the request for an Adjunct Faculty Poll. Motion failed.


The minutes of April 7, 2003, were approved as amended.


SERP:                                     Chris Barkley announced that the Palomar Faculty Federation (PFF) and the Senate have agreed to various aspects of the Supplemental Early Retirement Plan (SERP) account. The PFF has agreed in terms of working conditions.  The Faculty Council met with the PFF faculty representatives just before spring break and agreed to the terms on behalf of the Senate.  Chris announced the agreement and explained the Senate was not involved due to the time constraints for negotiation resolution of the SERP and the impending spring break.  The Senate Council was involved because the Senate President and Vice President had to sign a document for the Chancellor’s office regarding the fact that the 20 or so faculty who retire under the SERP will not be replaced for two years in order for the district to utilize the savings that will be incurred as a result.





Motion 2                                MSC Voth, Dowd: Faculty Senate approval of Cathy Jain as the SDICCA Internship Coordinator.


Deletion of the


Impact Committee:


Motion 3                                MSC Dowd, Stanford: Faculty Senate approval of the deletion of the Environmental Impact Committee.


Learning Culture

Task Force:


Motion 4                                MSF Dowd, Cater: Faculty Senate approval of the proposed Learning Culture Task Force. Motion Failed.


                                                Discussion occurred on the proposal, and some Senate members agreed that it appeared that the role of this task force was geared more towards policing student behavior than improving our learning environments.  Discussion followed about our being learning centered and that the need for this task force comes from the Strategic Plan first year implementation plan. This part of our Strategic Plan has not yet been addressed. To be in line with the intent of the discussions during that process, it was suggested that rather than the proposal as submitted for a Learning Culture Task Force that a Learning Centered Task Force addressing learning culture be created.  If the district believes that a task force should be developed to deal with student expectations, responsibilities, and respect, which addresses behavior problems, it should be a task force different from one emphasizing a culture of learning.


Motion 5                                MSC Dowd, Miller: The Faculty Senate directs the Senate President to recommend to the members of the Strategic Planning Council that a Learning Centered Task Force be created focusing on creating a culture of learning for our students, that it be a faculty chaired committee, either by the Faculty Senate President, or designee.  If this is acceptable, a configuration for the task force will be prepared by the Senate Council and brought back to the Strategic Planning Council.


Budget Review:                    Chris Barkley reported that the Instructional Planning Council is expected to bring forward approximately 8 positions that are being suggested for layoffs.


                                                There was discussion of the benefits of retraining some of the individuals being slated for layoffs by helping them to develop the skills to work in other areas of the campus.


Motion 6                                MSC Dowd, Cater: To extend the meeting.


Motion 7                                MSC Dowd, Dolan: Move discussion of Retraining Personnel to Action.


Motion 8                                MSC Dowd, Dolan: Palomar College is an organization of people.  Therefore, the Faculty Senate asks that the district make a commitment to current employees and that every effort be made to retrain individuals for other positions, if their current job is eliminated.


                                                Judy Dolan provided copies of the Administrative Services Budget Reductions Prioritized List. Most of the positions being recommended for elimination are vacant.


                                                Lori Waite provided a brief update on the budget cut recommendations from the Student Services area.


Motion 9                                MSC Miller, Dowd: To move the discussion of Budget Cuts to Action.


Motion 10                              MSC Miller, Dowd: The Faculty Senate directs the Senate President and recommends to the other faculty representatives on SPC to identify all other potential budget cuts before resorting to budget cuts proposed by the various councils. We suggest that these cuts be prioritized to take place first and that we continue our efforts to minimize cuts to community colleges at the state level.


                                                Carryover savings from midyear cuts for 02-03

                                                Reduction of reserve from 5% to 3%

                                                Savings realized from faculty SERP

                                                Savings from not replacing other retirees

                                                Not contributing to unfunded health benefits

                                                Savings identified by RAC


                                                Only if the 2003-04 budget requires greater than the total of the above cuts should prioritized lists submitted by Councils be prioritized and possible layoffs affected.


Motion 11                              MSC Thompson, Mendez: Remove the “Not contributing to unfunded health benefits” from Motion 10.


BP 3280, Grants:                   Chris Barkley reported that BP 3280, Grants, was pulled from the Strategic Planning Council agenda and will be forwarded to the Professional Procedures Committee to generate some initial procedures on the grant process.


Other:                                     Copies of the letter sent to Dr. Amador by the Senate President and Faculty President on the issue of the all of the four councils being voting committees rather than consensus committees was distributed. The letter points out that although the Strategic Planning Council is a voting committee, the other councils are not voting on important items such as the budget reduction plans.


                                                A copy of the response received by Dr. Amador was also provided. It was noted that her response included the following wording: When consensus cannot be reached, a majority of members shall determine the recommendation. Senate members agreed that the statement confirms the need for voting. After brief discussion, Senators directed Chris Barkley to write a letter to Dr. Amador reinforcing her statement, which essentially agrees to the fact that voting should occur within these councils.


CCCConfer:                           Copies of information provided by CCCConfer were provided. Chris Barkley indicated that special sessions could be arranged to learn more about eConferencing. Those interested can to go www.cccconfer.org, or call ext. 1537 for more information.


Governing Board:                 Reporting on the April 22nd Governing Board meeting, Maria Miller stated that the meeting was well attended by approximately 200 people.


Sabbatical Leaves were approved for 2003-04, and the General Studies AA degree was approved. The Governing Board meetings will continue to be held two times per month, although a proposal was brought forward to go back to the once per month meeting schedule.


Area D Meeting:                  Chris Barkley reported that she attended the Area D meeting on Friday, April 12th in San Diego. It was reported that the system cuts are expected to be only around 350 million rather than the 530 million originally listed in the Governor’s budget.


Revenue Allocation

Committee:                            Mario Mendez reported that the members of the Revenue Allocation Committee are working with Jerry Patton in doing a line- by- line item analysis of the budget.


Suggestion Box:                   Chris Barkley read a copy of a letter from an emeritus faculty member from Cuyamaca thatwhich was submitted to the North Inland Edition of the San Diego Union Tribune. The faculty member stated his support of Palomar faculty in their vote of no confidence in Dr. Amador.



ADJOURNMENT:               The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.


                                                Respectfully submitted,


                                                Bonnie Ann Dowd, Secretary