Minutes of the


May 13, 2002




PRESENT: Mike Arguello, Chris Barkley, Bill Bedford, Mike Byron, Judy Cater, Judy Dolan, MaryAnn Drinan, Nancy Galli, Katheryn Garlow, Teresa Laughlin, Stan Levy, Dennis Lutz, Mario Mendez, Maria Miller, Jose Rangel, Dan Sourbeer, Steve Spear, Joe Stanford, Sara Thompson, Fari Towfiq, Anne Voth, Tamara Weintraub


ABSENT: Lee Kerckhove, Doug Key, April Woods


GUESTS: Rebecca Faubus, Ruben Murcia, Carlton Smith, Rocco Versaci


CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by the president, Chris Barkley, at 2:00 p.m. in Room SU-30.


Welcome: New Senators were welcomed.


Approval of Minutes: The minutes of May 6, 2002, were approved as amended.



Appointments: None


SPC Committee

Proposals: Copies of the Strategic Planning Council proposals for the Campus Police Advisory Committee, the Food Services Advisory Committee, and the DSP&S Advisory Committee were provided. Discussion occurred on the current proposal of only 1 faculty member in the membership of the Campus Police Advisory Committee. Senate members agreed that there was a need for additional representation by faculty on that committee.


Copies of the final configurations of the Student Services Planning, Human Resource Services Planning, Instructional Planning, and Administrative Services Planning Councils were also distributed. Chris Barkley clarified which changes proposed by the Senate were made to each council, including an increase in faculty representation on the Student Services Planning Council and the Administrative Services Planning Council, as well as a clarification on how prioritizing faculty positions would occur with each council based on three-year plans generated by departments.


Motion 1 MSC Stanford, Sourbeer: The Faculty Senate recommends that the faculty membership on the Campus Police Advisory Committee should be increased from one to three.

Faculty Senate Meeting, May 13, 2002

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Motion 2 MSC Cater, Miller: Faculty Senate approval of the Strategic Planning Council proposals for the Campus Police Advisory Committee, the Food Services Advisory Committee, and the DSP&S Advisory Committees, as amended.


Chris Barkley added that the Strategic Planning Council will likely meet over the summer with additional proposals. She indicated that she would distribute copies of the proposals to senators via email for their comments and suggestions.


Student Health Fee

For CNED Students: Copies of the following Proposed Health Fee Policy were distributed for discussion:



The maximum student health fee allowable, under Education Code 76355, will be charged effective Spring 2003 to CNED (non credit students) attending classes at the San Marcos and Escondido Campuses only and to all CREDIT students except the following:


A.       Students taking classes at Pauma Valley and Indian Nation status students taking classes on a reservation site only.

B.       BOGW students.

C.       Dependent children and surviving spouses of members of the California National Guard, who were killed or permanently disabled while in active service.

D.       Students who depend on prayer for healing.

E.       Active military students taking classes at Camp Pendleton only.

F.        Students taking classes only at Borrego Springs.

G.       On-line only students.

H.       Students enrolled in a class developed and designed for training by their company, non-profit agency or school with proof of accident insurance and held on-site.

I.         Students taking apprenticeship classes only.

J.         Students taking classes at LaCima Conservation Center only.

K.       High school students taking classes at their high school only.


Chris Barkley indicated that the current health fee is $12 per semester, $9 in the summer for full-time credit students. CNED students who are non-credit attending the San Marcos or Escondido campuses only would also be charged under this new policy. Brief discussion followed.


Motion 3 MSC Garlow, Cater: Faculty Senate approval of the Proposed Health Fee Policy.


PFF/Council: Anne Voth reported that the Palomar Faculty Federation and the Faculty Council will meet two times per month over the summer. At their meeting of May 8th, the two groups reaffirmed their commitment to work together in a positive fashion to benefit all faculty.


Summer Notification: After brief discussion, Senators agreed that they would like to be notified over the summer months if issues arise which call for input from the Senate.


Other: Senate members talked about several issues currently being discussed campus-wide, including:

         Whether administration is attempting to fit the college into PeopleSoft, rather than having PeopleSoft work for the benefit of faculty and staff members. Senate members discussed the system and its constant need for maintenance, the high cost associated with keeping it up-to-date, the cost of

Faculty Senate Meeting, May 13, 2002

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employing all the consultants needed to keep the system running, and the need for ongoing training for faculty and staff.

         Scheduling parameters.

         The seemingly current trend of standardizing at Palomar College. The need for faculty input in changes as they occur on campus was discussed at length, particularly academic issues that may affect the quality or the freedom of departments, and how faculty should specifically be aware of how decisions are being made.


Board Agenda Meeting: Chris Barkley provided the following report on the Board Agenda meeting:

         The Governing Board will act on laying off the three classified staff members at the May 14th meeting.

         Three of the Vice President contracts are being presented for renewal at the next Governing Board meeting.


ASG: Rebecca Faubus provided the following ASG report:

         The new ASG officers have been sworn in, and Sean Weimer was elected president for a second term.


Senate members thanked Rebecca Faubus for her regular attendance at Senate meetings and keeping everyone informed of the issues relating to students.



ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 3:10 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




April Woods, Secretary