Minutes of the


August 26, 2002




PRESENT:                             Mike Arguello, Chris Barkley, Bill Bedford, Judy Cater, Judy Dolan, MaryAnn Drinan, Doug Key, Teresa Laughlin, Stan Levy, Dennis Lutz, Mario Mendez, Maria Miller, Jose Rangel, Dan Sourbeer, Steve Spear, Sara Thompson, Fari Towfiq, Anne Voth, Tamara Weintraub, April Woods


ABSENT:                               Mike Byron, Nancy Galli, Katheryn Garlow, Joe Stanford


GUESTS:                                Pam McDonough


CALL TO ORDER:               The meeting was called to order by the president, Chris Barkley, at 2:00 p.m. in Room SU-30.


Approval of Minutes:         The minutes of May 13, 2002, were approved as amended.


Senator Orientation:            Chris Barkley announced that the Senator Orientation will be held on Monday, September 16, 2002 at 2:00 p.m.


SDICCA Coordinator

Appointment:                       Chris Barkley reported that solicitations will not be made at this time to fill the position of SDICCA Coordinator. The organization is currently evaluating whether the internship program will be continued and is expected to make their decision on funding sometime in September.


2003-2004 Calendar:             Copies of the proposed 2003-04 calendar were distributed for review. There was some discussion on the placement of spring break and whether it was tied in with the Easter holiday, as well as starting dates for each semester and how many weeks each semester would be. Chris Barkley reminded those present that the calendar would be negotiated by the union with input from the Senate. Members of the Strategic Planning Council will also be discussing it at their meeting on September 3rd. This will be brought back for Senate action on September 9.


Proposed Technology

Restructuring:                       Chris Barkley reported that the members of the Strategic Planning Council are discussing a proposal to reorganize the technology management structure. Some sort of administrative position will be proposed, given the results of the consultant, but faculty should have some input on what kind of administrator will be placed in the position.  Lengthy discussion followed on the role of academic technology as well as the proposal’s possible impact to librarians, who will report to the individual in the position and no longer be connected to the VP of Instruction.  This will be presented for Senate action on September 9.


Hiring Policy:                        After a summary of the discussion between members of the Academic Standards & Practices Committee, Senate President Chris Barkley, district representatives Sherrill Amador, Jack Miyamoto, and Mark Vernoy, on the proposed changes to the Hiring Policy that had taken place last year, the following proposed compromise was distributed  for discussion:



Faculty Senate Meeting, August 26, 2002

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1.        Speeds up timeline for hiring so that all positions are filled early in the spring semester. Once planning councils are in place, decide which departments will be hiring the academic year before the hiring process will take place.

2.        Reinstates District Representative without Affirmative Action role

Allows Departments to choose to include at the 1st Selection Committee level either the Dean of their division or an administrator appointed by Human Resources (a non-voting member). This person attends all meetings, attends the interviews, but does not paper screen.

3.        Allows for follow up questions within set guidelines.

4.        Directs Human Resources to produce a video for consistency of directions to hiring committees.

5.        Limits the number of faculty on first selection committee to 8; allow for 3 faculty (Chair plus two members of selection committee) at 2nd level interview.

6.        Identifies preference and minimum number of candidates forwarded per position:

For 1 position, preferably 3, minimum of 2 candidates forwarded

For 2 positions, preferably 4, minimum of 3 candidates forwarded

For 3 positions, preferably 5, minimum of 4 candidates forwarded

For 4 positions, preferably 6, minimum of 5 candidates forwarded

7.        Reference checks are not made until after last interview.


Discussion followed on the proposed changes, particularly on the following issues:

·                     Will the dean or administrator appointed by human resources as a non-voting member be allowed to participate in discussions? Chris indicated that the individual will not be part of the discussion on whom to interview, but can participate in discussions after the interview in determining who to send forward (without voting). Senate members also agreed that the department chair could function as the District/Administrative Representative, or a faculty or staff member trained in the current hiring practices should also be considered for appointment as the non-voting member, not limiting that position to a dean or administrator.

·                     There was some opposition to waiting to make reference checks until after the last interview. It was pointed out that checking a candidate’s qualifications should occur prior to sending the name forward.

·                     Having the dean of the division or administrative representative as a non-voting member attending all meetings, participating in all committee discussion and attending all interviews will take a great deal of time. There was a suggestion to allow this member limited participation as not to hold up the process.

·                     The language in the District policy should state that “faculty hiring procedures will be determined with the agreement of the Faculty Senate.”

·                     Senate members asked that Dr. Amador provide a written rationale on why an administrator is being required at the first level.


MaryAnn Drinan added that “the PFF has forwarded a letter to the Senate president indicating that the group cannot be linked in any way with support for the new faculty hiring proposal. Neither the Executive Board nor the Negotiations Team has voted to make any changes in the current practices nor

Faculty Senate Meeting, August 26, 2002

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was it asked to do so. While it was accurate to state there was a meeting in which members of the Faculty Senate Council and PFF Executive Board did discuss faculty hiring issues, not all members of both groups were present and the discussion was very narrowly focused and no vote occurred. All that we did discuss was the possibility at the first hiring level of the addition of a technician from Human Resources who would provide information but would have no vote on the committee. The technician would have very limited participation and very limited responsibilities with regard to the committee. The key issue in our discussion that day was the ability of the technician to help the committee should there be concerns, particularly with follow-up questions as that was the issue. In the absence of consideration and vote by the entire PFF Executive Board or the Negotiations Team, PFF has only one position on faculty hiring, and that is current practice. In current practice, only faculty are involved in the selection process and decisions occurring at that first level. PFF’s negotiations team has never deviated from that position. ”


Chris Barkley indicated that this item would be brought back for further discussion on September 9, 2002.


Strategic Planning:               Chris Barkley reported that the Strategic Plan, which was approved at the Strategic Planning Council last spring and by the Governing Board, included an Annual Implementation Plan. The Curriculum Committee and Teresa Laughlin as co-chair will work on continuing the work of previous co-chair Monika Brannick on implementing a user-friendly Curriculum process. Teresa indicated that the committee is working on an interactive website where individuals can obtain forms, course outline of records, etc., on-line.


Partnership for Excellence

Funds:                                    Chris Barkley stated that over the summer she looked up why the Partnership for Excellence allocations which were approved as long as 2 years ago have not been allocated. No decisions have been made yet and all of the Vice Presidents were asked to review the proposed projects in their areas and whether they are still needed. There are additional expenses because of COLA and growth that are connected to additional faculty and staff hired with PFE funds and because no new monies are coming to us, it has created a crisis which has been the rationale for VP’s being asked what is expendable. After brief discussion, some Senate members thought that the Partnership for Excellence Task Force should reconvene, evaluate the district’s allocation of funds, and contact faculty and staff members affected by these cuts. This will be brought back for Senate action on September 9, 2002.


IMPAC Report:                    Chris Barkley indicated that the IMPAC Report is available for review. Anyone interested in seeing it should contact the Faculty Senate office.


Interim Dean Committees:   Chris Barkley thanked Senate members for their input and vote over the summer months in relation to the hiring committee for the Interim Dean of Media, Business, and Community Services, and Counseling.


Governing Board:                 Chris Barkley provided the following report of the Governing Board meetings for June, July, and August, 2002:



                                                14 faculty signed in

                                                Presented tentative budget


Faculty Senate Meeting, August 26, 2002

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                                                Michele Barton gave a report on how we will assess Strategic Plan

Approved Wilma Owens, Dean, Career & Technical Education; Mark Vernoy, Dean, Human Arts & Sciences

Several study abroad programs approved (also July and August)

Approved the Strategic Plan

A resolution was passed to urge the governor to sign the budget by June 30, 2002



Parking: 1,000 new parking places will be added over the next few years, including 163 spaces in Lots 1 and 2

Student Health Fee approved for CNED and non-credit students

Re-roofing of buildings B and E approved

Study of environmental impact on athletic field project



Approved Lee Kerckhove, Interim Dean, Media, Business, and Community Services; Lynda Halttunen, Interim Dean of Counseling & Matriculation

Several administrators were changed from non-exempt to exempt status, no more overtime or comp time

Approved split of Administrative Association

New position, Manager of Escondido Center, approved

Tom Plotts’ title has been changed to Director of Public Safety Programs, not Chief of Police

The Board considered a resolution opposing the new Master Plan for Education regarding local boards


Faculty Meeting:                  Doug Key reported that a faculty meeting was held during Faculty Convocation on Friday, August 23rd. Proposed changes to the constitution were presented for discussion.


Suggestion Box:                   Chris Barkley stated that the following items were submitted to the Faculty Suggestion Box:


·                     In July a comment was received by an individual who was frustrated at unsuccessful attempts to contact a faculty member via email and telephone. It was pointed out that faculty members are not on contract over the summer and may not be on campus to respond to messages during that time.

·                     A student expressed frustration with locating a list of faculty members on the Palomar College website, stating the page was difficult to use. Chris will forward this concern to Academic Technology.


ADJOURNMENT:               The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.


                                                Respectfully Submitted,




                                                April Woods, Secretary