Minutes of the


September 29, 2003




PRESENT:                             Chris Barkley, Bill Bedford, Judy Cater, Judy Dolan, Bonnie Ann Dowd, MaryAnn Drinan, Martha Evans, Brent Gowen, Barb Neault Kelber, Teresa Laughlin, Dennis Lutz, Maria Miller, Marilee Nebelsick-Tagg, Sue Norton, Perry Snyder, Dan Sourbeer, Steve Spear, Sara Thompson, Fari Towfiq, Katie Townsend-Merino


ABSENT:                               Stan Levy, Anne Voth, Tamara Weintraub


GUESTS:                                Dan Finkenthal, Bruce McDonough, James Palen (Telescope)


CALL TO ORDER:               The meeting was called to order by the president, Steve Spear, at 2:00 p.m., in Room SU-30.


Approval of Minutes:         The minutes of September 22, 2003, were approved as amended.


Motion 1                                MSC Townsend-Merino, Dowd: To suspend the Agenda and move to Executive Session.


                                                Open Session resumed at 2:25 p.m.





Motion 2                                MSC Cater, Nebelsick-Tagg: Faculty Senate approval of Craig Chamberlin to the Elections Committee.




Motion 3                                MSC Laughlin, Dolan: Faculty Senate ratification of the following Curriculum item:


                                                Changes to Existing Courses


The following course change from the November 20, 2002 Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes had contradictory paperwork which omitted the request to offer this course as repeatable two times.  There are currently three students enrolled in this course for the second time who will be dropped if the repeatability is not approved for the FALL 2003 semester. 


1.             Catalog Number:  PHOT 230

                Discipline(s):  Photography

                Requisite validated:  Yes

    A.A. degree/certificate program(s):  required course in:  Photography, Graphic   Communications – Digital Imaging               

                Distance Learning offering(s):  none

Catalog Page(s):  200

Effective term:  Fall 2003

230 Digital Darkroom

Seven hours lecture/laboratory (3.5)

Prerequisite: GC 140 and PHOT 100

Introduction to the technology of digital (electronic) photography using traditional and digital cameras, the computer, and industry standard imaging software as the primary photographic processing and manipulation tools. Continuing instruction in digital image processing directed toward photographic output. Exploration of capabilities and use of the digital darkroom. May be taken two times.  CSU


ADA Replacement/Attrition:     Steve Spear reported that Berta Cuaron will attend the October 6, Senate meeting to discuss the ADA replacement/attrition issue.


Senate Email Voting:                    This item was postponed.


Committee on Committees –

Terms and Service:                      This item was postponed.


Task Force on Senate



Motion 4                                        MSC Dowd, Laughlin: WHEREAS the Faculty Senate’s weekly agendas have grown quite cumbersome making it difficult for the Senate to move items through Information and Action in a timely manner, and


                                                        WHEREAS there have been concerns brought to the Senate with regard to Senate operations and procedures, and


                                                        WHEREAS the Faculty Senate, as a representative body, wants to ensure that it is operating effectively, objectively, and with utmost integrity,


                                                        THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate will call for and appoint three to five Senators to serve on an ad hoc Senate Task Force tasked with reviewing the operating procedures and practices of the Senate, including all Senate subcommittees. The Task Force will convene and bring back to the Senate by the end of October recommendations of the processes they will follow.


                                                        Discussion followed on the motion. Although some Senators have expressed reluctance at forming a task force, it was expressed that perhaps the Senate has been burdened because it is doing much of the work that could be done within the Senate sub-committees. If committees were doing some of this work, many issues would come to the Senate with either a consensus or pro and con recommendations. Also, it was suggested that a review of the Senate existing procedures might help to restore trust.  Dan Finkenthal questioned limiting the membership for the task force to just Senators. He stated that inviting other faculty members to participate in the process and provide possible recommendations could be effective.


Motion 5                                        MSC Thompson, Nebelsick-Tagg: To extend the meeting.



College/Digital Campus:             This item was postponed.


Reconfiguration of the

Student Equity Committee:


Motion 6                                        MSC Dowd, Cater: Faculty Senate approval of the reconfiguration of the Student Equity Committee.


Bond Issue:                                   Steve Spear announced that Jerry Patton will be invited to attend the Senate meeting of October 13th to discuss the bond issue.


Sabbatical Leave Replacement

for Committee Membership:       This item was postponed.


Copyright Problems/

Teach 2002 Act:                           Steve Spear reported that the Teach 2002 Act relates to faculty members and their use of copyright materials.


                                                        Senate members agreed that this issue should be forwarded to the Academic Technology Task Force and that their recommendations should be brought back to the Senate at a later date.


Selection of Senate

Committee Chairs:                        Steve Spear reported that all of the Senate subcommittees need Chairs. Senate members were asked to review the list of committees and submit their name for consideration. This also applies to those Senators wishing to be reconsidered for another term. This will be presented for Senate action on October 6.


Faculty Hiring for 2004-05:         Steve Spear reported that a copy of the Faculty Hiring Recommendations for Fall 2004, was provided to Senate members on September 22nd. The positions were approved by the Instructional Planning Council on September 10, 2003, as first priority, and as carry-over positions from last year.


                                                        The proposed faculty hires for this upcoming year are based upon past requests for positions that were not filled due to the financial conditions of this last year.  It was agreed that after this round of faculty hires that each department should be able to submit information to substantiate the need for additional faculty. At the October 6th Senate meeting, a motion will be brought forward requesting that future faculty hiring be handled this way even if all of the positions currently listed are not filled this year due to budget constrictions such that all departments have an opportunity next year to make a case based on current needs.


Wellness at Palomar:                   Bonnie Dowd reported that JoAnne Giese, a member of the Palomar College Wellness Team asked her to request that the Faculty Senate encourages faculty members to support the Wellness Team’s efforts on the college.  JoAnne asked Bonnie to bring an article printed in the Community College Journal to the Senate’s attention which cites in its opening paragraph: “Successful leaders know that maintaining peak achievement requires not only keen intellect but also physical and emotional strength as well. By promoting campus wellness programs, addressing the person as a whole, mind body and spirit, community colleges can meet the challenge.”


Faculty Manual Revision:          This item will be addressed at the October 1st Faculty Meeting.


Dr. Amador’s Evaluation

Criteria:                                          Discussion occurred on the issue of the confidentiality of Dr. Amador’s Evaluation Criteria. MaryAnn Drinan stated that The San Diego Union Tribune did a brief story on this issue. That article identified several of the local community colleges as having as a matter of course the criteria for evaluation available to the public.


                                                        There was also some discussion on recent editorials by board members in the North County Times and San Diego Union Tribune and its appropriateness.


                                                        Senate members requested that this item be brought back for Senate action on October 6.


Rules of Order/Standing

Rules:                                             Senators agreed that the issue of Rules of Order for Senate meetings will be one of the issues forwarded to the Task Force on Senate Subcommittees.


Constituent Lists:                        Steve Spear asked for a Senate volunteer to work with Terry Gray in Academic Technology to update the Faculty Senate constituency lists. After brief discussion, Sara Thompson volunteered to complete this task.


Faculty Senate Membership:     Bonnie Dowd updated Senate members on the current configuration of the Senate. According to the Faculty Constitution, half of the Senate membership should be elected each year. This year we’ll have only 9 Senate positions up for election because Steve Spear was initially elected as Faculty Vice President and was on the Senate because of that position. He was then elected as Senate President for a term through May, 2005 so his term should be through that date not as originally elected to the Faculty Vice President position.


                                                        To provide clarification, this item will be brought back for Senate action on October 6th.


Spring Break 2004:                       In response to questions by some faculty members regarding Spring Break placement on the academic calendar, Steve Spear indicated that the Faculty Senate makes one or more recommendations to PFF on its placement based on information obtained from faculty members as a whole. MaryAnn Drinan added that this dilemma arose because last year the Senate made two contradictory recommendations regarding Spring Break. The Senate initially voted that it should be mid-way through the semester. PFF acted on that recommendation and brought it forward in negotiations with the district. Later in the year, some faculty members came to the Senate to address the issue again. The Senate then reversed its earlier motion and recommended that Spring Break be tied to the Easter holiday. By then it was too late for the PFF to go back to the district. A PFF Calendar Committee is currently discussing the issues in determining Spring Break.


                                                        Steve Spear suggested that for clarity, PFF should send out a memo to all faculty members on the status of this issue.


Staff Development Funding:      Steve Spear reported that at a recent Strategic Planning Council meeting it was recommended that the Staff Development Committee be eliminated because the district had not received staff development funds for the past two years. Steve reported that he had discussed the issue with Judy Eberhart, current Professional Development Coordinator and she thought that the committee could be eliminated. 


                                                        Bonnie Dowd reported that she voiced concern at the SPC meeting about eliminating the committee.  Senate members discussed the need for the Staff Development Committee and suggested that rather than eliminate it perhaps it was best to label it as “inactive” to be revitalized if/when funds again become available.. A formal recommendation on this issue will be brought back for Senate Action on October 6.


Institutional Review

Committee:                                    This item was postponed.


Personnel Standards &

Practices Committee:                   Bill Bedford reported that the original members of the Personnel Standards & Practices Committee have received a copy of the transcript of their meeting of May 19, 2003, in relation to a faculty member’s appointment to the Instructional Planning Council last year. They will be meeting in an attempt to resolve this issue and he will bring a report on behalf of the committee to the Senate.


President Amador:                       Steve Spear reported that he and Dr. Amador have been discussing the importance of governance training. Beginning in October, training sessions will be held for those serving on all governance councils.


Other:                                             Steve Spear stated that he, MaryAnn Drinan, Sara Thompson, Maria Miller, and Bill Bedford met with Dr. Amador on Friday, September 26, to discuss faculty morale. Each individual gave their input during the two-hour meeting and all agreed that the lack of a faculty contract is a big factor contributing to low faculty morale. The Senate’s recommendations for convocation and returning to the old format were also presented to her.


Strategic Planning Council:        Steve Spear indicated that the members of the Strategic Planning Council are currently reviewing the committees that have not been adjusted to the new governance structure.


Instructional Planning

Council:                                         Maria Miller reported that Berta Cuaron discussed the Academic Department Assistant issue at the recent Instructional Planning Council meeting. She has stated that this will likely be a long process, and has requested input from each department before a decision is made.


Proxy Votes:                                  Bonnie Dowd announced the following proxy votes had been received:

                                                        Judy Cater holding a proxy for Anne Voth

                                                        Judy Cater holding a proxy for Tamara Weintraub


Revenue Allocation

Committee:                                    Sara Thompson asked for a Senator to volunteer to be her designee on the Revenue Allocation committee this semester due to scheduling difficulties.



ADJOURNMENT:                       The meeting was adjourned at 3:40 p.m.


                                                        Respectfully submitted,




                                                        Bonnie Ann Dowd, Secretary