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Budget Services


  1. When should I do a Budget Transfer?

A Budget Transfer should be done when the expenditure account pool budget has a zero or insufficient balance available, and there will be upcoming expenditures from this budget.  A Budget Transfer should also be done when you anticipate that the expenditure will be more than the budgeted amount.  (See the Budget Transfer Form and Budget Transfer Instructions on the Fiscal Services/Budget web page).


  1. What type of account should I use when I do a Budget Transfer?

When completing a Budget Transfer, always use the Budget Pool account. (Refer to the Pool Budget tree in the Budgets section of the Fiscal Services web page.) 

Note:  when expending against your budget (i.e. Pay Vouchers, Travel, Requisitions) use an expenditure account.


  1. Can I do a Budget Transfer between Unrestricted and Designated project/grants, or between Unrestricted and Restricted project/grants, or between Designated and Restricted project/grants? 

No, budget transfers may be made between like project/ grant chartfields.


  1. How many Budget Transfer copies should I send when I am preparing my Budget Transfer?

2 copies (1 original and 1 copy).


  1. What should I do if a chartfield combination that I want to use does not have an existing budget?

Prepare a Budget Transfer for the new chartfield combination that you want to utilize.  Note:  make sure that you use an Instructional program number with an Instructional account number and a Non-Instructional program number with a Non-Instructional account number.


  1. When should I do a Budget Increase?

A Budget Increase should be done to request an increase or decrease to restricted or designated budgets when revenue received is greater or less than the original budgeted amount.  Remember, total revenue and total expenditure budget amounts in the same project grant must equal.  A Budget Increase should also be done to establish a budget for new restricted or designated programs, grants, or contracts.  (See the Budget Increase Form and the Budget Increase Instructions on the Fiscal Services/Budget web page).


  1. Are there documents available that provide listings of the individual chartfields?

Yes, on Fiscal Services web page, Financials section.  The Budget Pool is located in the Budget section.


  1. How do I find the budget for my Department?

To find the budget for your Department run an nVision report based upon your Department number in the Scope Definition.


  1. Are Organization and Department ID the same?



  1. What fund do I use with district unrestricted, designated, and restricted project/grants?

Unrestricted Project/Grants use Fund 11.  Designated Project/Grants use Fund 11. 

Restricted Project/Grants use Fund 12.



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