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Pay Vouchers Procedure

Pay Vouchers may be used as follows:

  • Subscriptions under $250
  • Memberships under $250
  • Employee Reimbursements for emergency supply items- under $250. No reimbursement for purchases of equipment, rentals or services is allowed unless granted as an exception by Purchasing. A statement of justification for the emergency supplies purchase must accompany the Pay Voucher.
  • Refunds to students
  • Payments to Campus Food Services/ Aramark under $500

In all the above cases except the refund to students and the Cal-Card could be used and in fact is the preferred method. The Cal-Card, if used properly, is very convenient for staff, saves the District significant overhead costs, and is less work for almost everyone. It is important that the use of vouchers and the Cal-Card be closely monitored. Questions regarding the processing of Payment Vouchers should be addressed to Bill Morrison in Accounts Payable.


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