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        To receive courteous and considerate care without prejudice on any basis.

        To receive an explanation of your diagnosis, evaluation, treatment and prognosis of your health problem in terms you understand.

        To receive the necessary information to participate in decisions about your care, including costs, risks, and benefits, and to give your informed consent before any procedure is performed.

        To refuse treatment, except as prohibited by law, to obtain another medical opinion, to ask about an alternative method of treatment, and to be informed of the consequences of your decisions and actions.

        To expect that your personal privacy concerning your health care will be respected.

        To expect that all communications and medical records will be kept confidential and will only be released with your written consent, or in cases of medical emergencies, or in response to court-ordered subpoenas. (Confidentiality can be violated if you pose a significant threat of harm to yourself or others)

         To know the names and positions of the health care professionals who are treating you.

         To be informed of personal responsibilities involved in seeking medical treatment and maintaining health and well being after treatment.

         To ask and receive an explanation of any fees for services.

         To bring any dissatisfaction to the attending health professional, the Director of Health Services and/or the Vice President of Student Services.


        For providing complete, honest information about your past and present health history.

        For asking for clarification whenever information or instructions are not understood.

        For accepting personal responsibility for refusing treatments.

        For providing accurate identifying information.

        For arriving as scheduled for appointments and to notify Health Services in advance in case of cancelled appointments.

        For treating Health Services personnel in a respectful and considerate manner.

        For complying with the treatment plan provided by the health professional.

        For payment of any fees for services provided.

        For cooperating responsibly with all persons in the health care process.

        For providing both positive and negative feedback with regard to the services and the facilities.

        For following rules and regulation that are posted within the facilities.


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