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Quick Hours Calculator
How to ...

Gold fields require data entry.

Red fields are calculated data.

General guidelines:
  • Use the TAB key to maneuver between fields.
  • Enter start & end times with leading zeros.
    • Input 8:00 AM/PM as 08:00  or 08.00.
    • No need for military time (24 hr clock).
  • You will receive a warning should you change a calculated hour.  Change the start or end times, not the calculated hours.
  • Use the Reset button to set all values back to zero.
  • Workload values are unique to each department.
  • Use Class Type & Catalog Hours as printed in the Palomar College Catalog (e.g  3 Hours Lecture)
    • For multiple component courses, calculate each component separately.
  • FTE and Assignment values display as decimals.  Move the decimal to the right two places to obtain the percentage (.33333 = 33.333%).  Enter the PERCENTAGE on the SIS.
  • Total Semester Hours = the total contact hours for the course for the semester.
  • % Assign (Hours) = the number of hours an individual instructor will be assigned to the class. 

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