Chairs for Charity

One of the most creative and generous 'volunteer events' the Interior Design students participate in is Chairs for Charity. This is an opportunity for our students to give back to our community and a chance to show their vision and creativity in design.

It all begins with an old, unwanted chair that is rescued from a garage sale or thrift store. The chair is then turned into a creative work of art by our design student. The assignment is to use materials that they have learned about in the Materials of Design class (ID 105). The chairs are sanded, painted, draped, enameled, or upholstered in fabrics that create a theme that the student has chosen for their chair.

At the end of the semester and after the critique of the materials and the process of dealing with the various materials have been written, the chairs are auctioned and the proceeds are donated to charity. The student's donation of their chair to the auction is voluntary, but most of our students give of their heart as well as their talent and creativity. The event takes place in the evening in early December. It is a defining moment of joy when a chair brings a "record breaking" price for a student's work.

It is on this night in December when we see the best of creativity and compassion from our design students coming together.

We hope you enjoy viewing photo gallery of chairs our students designed for this event.

Note: Photos donated to the charity event by photographer, Ed Brown

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