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Using CQ Researcher
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Description of CQ Researcher Articles
Articles located using the CQ Researcher database deal with contemporary issues.  Each article is organized into the following sections: Issues, Background, Chronology, Current Situation, Pro & Con Arguments, Outlook, Bibliographies (including a list of additional current articles).

Locating CQ Researcher

  1. Go to the Library Home Page on the World Wide Web:
  2. Click Articles or Databases/Articles
  3. Select CQ Researcher from the General Interest column.

Basic Search

1. Type in search words in Quick Search box.  Click on Go.

    A list of search commands to improve search:

To find one word and another word Separate the words with a space
or separate with "and"
children divorce
children and divorce
To find words in an exact sequence Use quotation marks "children and divorce"
To find one word or another word Separate terms with "or" Clinton or Bush
To find one word but not another Separate terms with "not" Clinton not Bush
To find any words starting with a specific sequence of letters Use the asterisk symbol "*" work*

2. Results list shown is by relevancy.  To view results alphabetically or by date click on icons.
3. Click on title to view entire article (usually 15-25 pages long).
4. To view an individual section of the article, click on the desired section listed at the top in the gray box.

Advanced Searching
Click on Advanced Search to search by title only, specific date, or specific section.

To Print or Email
Click on the Print or the Email Report icon in top right-hand corner of article retrieved.

Citing CQ Articles
When viewing article, click on Cite Now.  Select correct style format: APA | Chicago | MLA Style

Other Features
In the News highlights earlier reports on topics that are once again in the news.
Coming Up introduces the next three reports to be published.

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