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Using EBSCOhost

Select Databases to Search

  1. Go to the Library Home Page on the World Wide Web:
  2. Click  Ebscohost
  3. Choose Database (EBSCOhost offers several databases to search)
  4. Click on the box next to the database(s) you need. Select as many databases as you want. Academic Search Premier is the default. To search all, click off the checkmark for Academic Search Premier.

  5. Click Continue

Basic Search Tips

  1. Type keywords for your topic in the search box (next to Find).

  2. Use AND to connect multiple keywords, and place "double quotation marks" around simple phrases, e.g. "school violence" AND prevention

  3. Click Search.

Additional tips:

Below Refine Search are Limiters and Expanders.

View Article Results

  1. Results are sorted by date with the most current articles listed first. Click on Sort By: (arrow) to re-sort by Source, Author or Relevance. Click tabs to view Results by All, Scholarly Journals, Magazines or Newspapers

  2. Click article title to view content (Full Text, Abstract, or Citation).

  3. Full Text articles are either in HTML or PDF. More information to locate the Full Text of Citations can be found either in WebCat for library holdings or by Check another database for full-text online.

  4. Click links along the top of the display to print, email, save article.

  5. Use Add to folder to collect articles for retrieval as a group.

  6. Click Result List to view other articles or Refine Search to change search parameters.

Advanced Search

  1. Search up to three (3) topics or terms in Advanced Search. Type a term or phrase in each space. Click on Arrow to choose type of search (Author, Title, Subject Term, etc.).

  2. Click Search.

  3. Results can be limited, expanded or sorted in the same way as Basic Search.


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