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The JSTOR online database contains complete, full-text articles from core scholarly journals in the arts, humanities, and sciences up to three calendar years ago.

Search for Articles

  1. Go to the Library Database site on the World Wide Web:
  2. Click JSTOR
  3. Type a term or phrase in the Basic Search box
  4. Click Search
  5. The next screen that appears will be a list of articles related to your search term(s).
Basic Search Tips 
  1. Use the ampersand (&) symbol at the end of a word to search for singular or plural variants. Example: Type box& to find citations containing the terms box or boxes.  
  2. To search for a phrase, type a word or phrase, enclosed by quotes " ", in the search box. Examples (be sure to include the quotes):
    • "population control"
    • "violence"

For additional search techniques, go the the JSTOR Search Help page.

View or Save Articles

  1. Click the article title in the Search Results list OR
  2. At the end of each article listed are four choices; click on the desired option
  3. Item information

    displays bibliographic data (citation and abstract) and references (literature cited in article)

    Page of First Match

    displays page where search term(s) first appear.


    displays article in PDF format

    Export this citation

    email or download citation into a  and save options for citation only

Print or Save Articles

  1. Select the PDF option to open article (you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader software on your computer).
  2. Click the print or save buttons in the Adobe Acrobat window (do NOT use your web browser print or save functions).

Email Articles

  1. Send citation
    1. Select the Export this citation option
    2. Click Email citations. Note that only the citation and abstract are sent.
  2. To connect to the actual article
    1. In the citation that is sent, find and copy the "Stable URL". It will look something like this:
    2. Paste this link into your browser's Address box
    3. Type the following text in front of that link:
    4. The final URL should look something like this: ; press enter to connect to the article.

Advanced Searching

  1. From the JSTOR Basic Search Form page, click Advanced Search tab
  2. Type a word or phrase in the search box(es) and choose the appropriate field to search
  3. You may restrict the search to specific articles, dates, languages, publication types, disciplines, or journals. Scroll down to "Limit Search" and choose or type the parameter(s).
  4. Click Search
  5. The next screen will be a Search Results List displaying citations for articles that met your search requirements.

  6. Display and printing are same as with Basic Search.

Other Options

  1. Upload and compile individual citations into your reference management program (RefWorks, EndNote, etc.). Select Export Citation below the citation to choose options.
  2. Compile and store multiple citations using MyJSTOR. Select the MyJSTOR quick link (at the top of every screen) to create or manage your own account, or choose the 'Save citation(s) (Requires login)' link at the beginning of the Search Results list.

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