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Be Aware!

Anyone can put anything on the Internet. It is possible for Web authors to claim knowledge on any topic, provide “evidence” for channeling from beyond the grave, or support true predictions from space aliens. Nothing on the Web is filtered, or reviewed – THIS IS YOUR JOB.


Examine the following criteria to help you determine if the Web Site information you are viewing is reliable, accurate, and truthful.

1. SOURCE (Authority)

·          This information may be found on the top or bottom of the page, or on a separate linked page (look for “About” or “Contact”). If this information is not available, you may not want to use the information on this Web page.

2. DATE (Currency)

3. CONTENT (Relevancy)

·          You may determine this by the name of the organization, institution, or association connected with the site.

·          Examine the domain of the URL (i.e., Web address)

Some common examples:

ü       .edu for educational or research material

ü       .gov for government resources and documents

ü       .com for commercial products or commercially sponsored sites

ü       .org for organizations (non-profits, and other entities)

ü       .uk (United Kingdom), .cn (China), etc. identify sites from other countries

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