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Library Vision, Mission, and Themes
Revised May 13, 2008


The vision of the Palomar College Library/Media Center is to support the intellectual growth of all our students.


The mission of Palomar College Library/Media Center is to collaborate with all disciplines to empower and teach students to find, evaluate, and use information effectively. We will collect, organize, and maintain information in all its formats to support the intellectual growth of students and the professional needs of our faculty.


We seek to achieve our mission through five interrelated themes that define our commitment to excellence in education.


We seek to empower our students by providing all formats of information and instruction to elevate the quality of our studentís lives by increasing their ability to locate, evaluate, and use information.


We enable our students with lifelong learning skills and abilities to make reasoned choices in their personal, professional, and academic lives.


We evaluate the information seeking skills of our students. We continuously evaluate the libraryís success in achieving its objectives.


We are cognizant of the fact that information provides the building blocks of knowledge. We provide our students with an adequate collection and proper instruction to discover new worlds of information and knowledge.


We will foster our studentsí intellectual growth by strengthening our collection, by adding new formats for information as they become available, and by providing a powerful learning environment in the library. 

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