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Use the Library Catalog to find books, DVDs, videos and other materials on your topic. You can

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Suggested Subject Headings

Affirmative action

Race discrimination


Selected Call Numbers




Interracial America: Opposing Viewpoints

Szumski, Bonnie, ed.

E 184 .A1 I6 1996 Escondido Center, Circulating



Williams, Mary E., ed.

E184 .A1 M5433 1998 Escondido Center, Circulating


Turning Back: the Retreat from Racial Justice in American Thought and Policy

Steinberg, Stephen

E185.615 .S744 1995 Escondido Center, Circulating


American Work

Jones, Jacquelline

E185.8 .J767 1998 Escondido Center, Circulating


Working Women: Opposing Viewpoints

Williams, Mary E., ed.

HD 6053 .W6773 1998 Escondido Center, Circulating


“Affirmative Action” Encyclopedia of Business

HF1001 .E466 1995 Escondido Center, REF


Inequality: Opposing Viewpoints

Shein, Lori

HN 70 .S6 1998 Escondido Center, Circulating


The Disabled

Stalcup, Brenda, ed.

HV 1553 .D549 1997 Escondido Center, Circulating


Discrimination: Opposing Viewpoints

Williams, Mary E., ed.

JC 599 .U5 D57 1997 Escondido Center, Circulating


The Darden Dilema

Corse, Ellis, ed.

KF 9223 .D37 1997 Escondido Center, Circulating




Articles are usually identified by using online research databases or printed indexes. Printed

indexes are especially helpful for older material. Journal, magazine, and newspaper articles

can supply the latest information on a topic and often contain details not available elsewhere.

Online databases can be found at



·         EBSCOhost provides access to several databases including magazine, journal and

newspaper articles. Databases include Academic Search Premier and Regional

Business News. For a guide on how to search EBSCOhost, go to



·         CQ Researcher is a publication containing thorough articles on various current topics.

Copies are located on the book shelf at H 35 .E352. There is an index beside the bound

volumes. Sample articles include:


Jost, Kenneth. “Affirmative Action.” CQResearcher. 21 Sept. 2001: 737-760


Jost, Kenneth. “Rethinking Affirmative Action.” CQResearcher. 28 Apr. 1995: 369


Masci, David. “The Black Middle Class.” CQ Researcher. 23 Jan. 1998:49.




Basic Internet Search Strategies - Use a directory, subject portal, or search engine to focus your

Internet search.  In addition to those listed below, find more information on the Palomar Library Subject Links site at http://www.palomar.edu/library/subjects.htm


·         American Association for Affirmative Action http://www.affirmativeaction.org


·         U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission http://www.eeoc.gov


·         Washington Post Affirmative Action Links and Resources



·         American Civil Liberties Union http://www.aclu.org


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