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Research on Dance Topics
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Books and Videos

Subject Searches

In order to locate books and videos on dance topics students should start with a library catalog.  Some good catalogs to use are:

The call number range for dance topics is from GV 1580 to GV 1799, with dance bibliographies shelved at Z 7514.  Some sample subject searches:

Keyword Searches for a Type of Dance

When the student has a particular dance to research (example the Hora), it is better to keyword search the catalog for the name of the dance.  A keyword search will scan the content notes of any videos the library has on folk dance or world music.  These videos often include footage and commentary on the dance.  Keep in mind that if your specific dance and country name does not show up in a search of the catalog, you may have to think in terms of a region rather than a country. 

Search Tips:
Search South Pacific or Polynesia rather than just Hawaii for Hula
Search Indonesia rather than just Bali or Thailand
Search the Middle East rather than just Iran or Persia
Books and videos that focus on the culture and/or travel to a particular country can also be sources of locating information on dance topics

If materials are located at another library, consider Inter-Library Loan services to request materials not available at Palomar College Library.  The Reference Desk can assist with this request and fees are nominal.

Useful Starting Points

Some of the more helpful starting points in researching dance, located at Palomar College, are:

When searching for dance topics do not overlook the fact that many music encyclopedias and resources may also have dance information within them.  Many ballet and dance theater materials are shelved within the music books and videos.  Also, many of the world and ethnic music books have dance information mentioned as well.

Images for dance can be found by using the following sources:

Magazine, Newspaper, and Journal Articles

Students will need to locate magazine, newspaper, and journal articles on their dance topics.  Magazines can be a good source of reviews of particular dance companies or for biographical information on dancers.  Newspapers often review dance performances.  Journals provide scholarly research on dance topics.  Palomar College Library subscribes to many databases helpful to the dance researcher.  Some suggested starting places for finding this type of resource are:

Palomar College Databases

New York Public Library Dance Collection-Catalog

New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Dance Collection is an online catalog which indexes books, programs, tapes, records, clipping files, illustrations, and articles in periodicals relating to dance.  This catalog is an extremely useful tool for finding information and articles on dance.


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