Subject Guide with Search Tips for Homelessness
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Getting Started

These sources provide a good beginning.  Some contain general discussion or an overview.  This kind of background will often suggest topics, jargon, or keywords for further research.

Homelessness : a sourcebook / Rick Fantasia and Maurice Isserman
Fantasia, Rick.
Reference San Marcos, HV 4505 .P36 1994

Books and Media

Use the Library Catalog http://www2.palomar.edu/pages/library/ to find books, periodicals, and media on your topic.  You can enter keywords of your own choosing, or you can identify the specific subject headings that the library catalog uses to group related materials together. 

Suggested Subject Headings
Homeless persons

Selected Call Numbers
HV 4504
HV 4505
HV 4506

The homeless : opposing viewpoints / Jennifer A. Hurley, book editor
HV 4493 .H644 2002
Escondido Center, Circulating

American homelessness : a reference handbook / Mary Ellen Hombs
HV4505 .H647 2001
San Marcos, Circulating

Homeless : struggling to survive / editors : Margaret Mitchell, Mark A. Siegel, Nancy R. Jacobs
HV4504 .H75 1997
San Marcos, Circulating


Homeless in America : how could it happen here? / editors, Jacquelyn Quiram, Cornelia Blair, Nancy R. Jacobs
HV4504 .H65 1995
San Marcos, Circulating


A nation in denial : the truth about homelessness / Alice S. Baum and Donald W. Burnes
HV4505 .B378 1993
San Marcos, Circulating

America's cities : opposing viewpoints / Charles P. Cozic, book editor
HT123 .A668 1993
San Marcos and Escondido, Circulating


Articles are usually identified by using online research databases or printed indexes.  Printed indexes are especially helpful for older material.  Journal, magazine, and newspaper articles can supply the latest information on a topic and often contain details not available elsewhere. NOTE: Passwords required to use off-campus http://www.palomar.edu/library/OnlineDatabases/offcampus.htm

·         EBSCOhost http://prozy.palomar.edu/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.asp?profile=web

EBSCOhost provides access to several databases including magazine, journal and newspaper articles.  For a guide on how to search EBSCOhost, go to Using EBSCOhost at http://www.palomar.edu/library/OnlineDatabases/ebsco.htm


·         CQ Researcher http://prozy.palomar.edu/login?url=http://library.cqpress.com/cqresearcher

CQ Researcher consists of weekly reports on controversial issues in the news.


Basic internet Search Strategies - Use a directory, subject portal, or search engine to focus your Internet search.   In addition to those listed below, find more sites on the Palomar Library Subject Links site at http://www.palomar.edu/library/subjects.htm. Information on evaluating websites can be found at http://www.palomar.edu/library/ResearchAids/SelfHelp.htm#websearching.

Information on Citation Styles – In order to create a bibliography for your research paper, you will need to follow the rules of a specific style.  For a list of styles and information on how to use them go to http://www.palomar.edu/library/subjects/SubjectGuides/WritingStyles.htm

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