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Information on Computer Services at Palomar College

District Policy on personal computer repairs
Palomar College Information Services can not provide any repair services on any personal computer equipment due to liability problems to the district. Please contact your local computer store for repairs of your personal computer equipment needs.
Faculty & Staff Software Discounts 
The Foundation for California Community Colleges offers excellent software discounts from various vendors such as, Microsoft, Borland, Apple, Adobe, and a list of others. Visit the FCCC web site for more details at this link: or the this link: Software Information  for a list of the software packages offered by Microsoft through the FCCC and ordering information.
Academic Software Discounts 
The Palomar College Bookstore offers discounts on popular titles from such publishers as Microsoft, Adobe, and Corel. Different publishers have different eligibility requirements for purchasing their software; at the very least you'll need to show a current PIC (Palomar Identification Card).

Academic Technology provides to faculty and staff training on Windows, Microsoft Office Suite (Word - Word Processing, Excel - Spreadsheet, Access - Database, PowerPoint - Electronic Slides,   Outlook - E-mail, FrontPage - Web page creation and management), and the Internet. Information Services provides to faculty and staff training on PeopleSoft. Please call ext. 2140 for more information.

Viruses and hoaxes
Symantec  has an excellent website for information concerning viruses and virus hoaxes.  All systems on campus currently use McAfee Anti-Virus for virus protection.
Web Publishing
While there is some overlap in service, each of the servers services a specific community of users. Delivering computer-based tutorials and other instructional materials is one of the key functions of Daphne, the central web server for Academic Computing. Daphne, along with WWW, is a source for information on academic and vocational programs, college organizations, and faculty & staff WebPages. Faculty and staff interested in having instructional web content are encouraged to contact Daphne's administrator, Mr. Terry Gray. Terry may be contacted by email at , by phone at ext. 2877, or in person by going to the CAI lab on the first floor of the Library.

Palomar's window to the world wide web is , the portal/main web server for the Palomar Community College District. Student Services, Admission and Records, and Human Resources are but a few of the divisions and departments who have effectively used  the world wide web to communicate with students, faculty, staff, and the public.

Persons interested in having content placed on one of the other servers are urged to contact that web server's administrator. If you are interested in having your own divisional or departmental web server please contact Mr. Terry Gray,  .
Discussion Groups - E-mail and Web-based
Palomar faculty and staff, along with officially recognized student organizations are offered the opportunity to have e-mail-based (listserv) and/or web-based discussion groups (featuring WebBoard). The discussion group should relate to the academic mission of the college. Please contact Terry Gray if you are interested in listserv service or for web-based discussion Groups.
Computer Labs

The college has many discipline-specific computer labs that are, in general, only open to students currently enrolled in that discipline's courses. Business, Chemistry, CAD, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Electronics, English, and Physics are PC-based; Art, ESL, Foreign Languages, Journalism, and Music are Macintosh-based; and Graphic Communications, Math, and Life Sciences use both (the OS of computer depends on the course).

The college also has an open lab on the first floor of the Library. This lab, known as the Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) lab, is equipped with PCs that run tutorial, word processing, and web browsing programs. Please see the
CAI homepage for more information.

Recognizing the needs of students with disabilities, Palomar College has outfitted the computer labs to meet their needs. There is also an Adapted Computer Center that is designed to explore vocational computer possibilities and to support students as they enter other academic environments.

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