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  • The Professional Development program is intended to apply to all full-time, part-time, and temporary faculty.
    • Participation is required as a part of these employees’ contractual responsibilities as defined in Article 10 of the Palomar Faculty Federation contract.
  • Participation is a consideration in tenure and evaluation decisions.
  • Children’s Center teachers should refer to the Children’s Center Handbook for professional development requirements.
  • All Palomar College staff may register for workshops and events on a space-available basis.
  • A Guide to Faculty Professional Development is available on the Professional Development website at

Eligibility for Professional Development Compensation

●Part-time faculty teaching semester-length or short-term classes may select and be compensated for professional development hours commensurate with the number of hours taught.

●The total number of professional development hours that may be paid for an assigned class is equal to the number of hours the class meets per week as per the approved course curriculum, identified in the college catalog. 

●When a class is team taught, the professional development hours the class is eligible for are divided between/among the part-time faculty assigned to teach the class. 

●The total paid professional development hours for a class cannot exceed the course approved weekly hours identified in the college catalog.  

●A class must meet a minimum of 8 hours (1/2 unit) to be eligible for professional development compensation. 

●Courses not eligible for professional development compensation include: 

  • Apprenticeship courses
  • Flat rate assignments (e.g. Athletic coaching assignments)
  • Noncredit courses
  • ROP courses

1/4/07 – Office of Instructional Services and Professional Development Office






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