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Women's Studies at Palomar College

A sociology class titled Introduction to Women's Studies is the required core course for the Women's Studies A.A. degree major. As noted in the Palomar College catalog, the Women's Studies major offers students "an opportunity to study women and their contributions from a female perspective. It also provides the intensive, interdisciplinary lower-division preparation necessary for pursuing advanced coursework in Women's Studies." Here are the requirements for the degree major:


Program Requirements                                    

SOC 115            Introduction to Women's Studies   (3 units)      


Electives (Select a minimum of 15 units)

AIS 165              Native Women in the Americas  (3 units)                     

COMM 105          Race, Gender, and Media Effects  (3 units)                  

ENG 280             Women and Literature  (3 units)                                

HIST 130            Women in United States History  (3 units)                   

PSYC/SOC 125     Human Sexuality  (3 units)

PSYC 130            Psychology of Women  (3 units)

PSYC/SOC 145     Psychology and Sociology of Aging  (3 units) 

SOC 135             Gender and Society


Recommended Electives: ENG 100 and ENG 202 with emphasis in Women's Studies Issues.