The Tutoring Center


The Tutoring Center is designed to provide help for all Palomar College students.  Tutors hired to work for the Tutorial Center are carefully selected and trained to help the student become an independent learner.  For more information about this service contact the Tutoring Center during its working hours at extension 2448.




Who Should Register

For Tutorial




All Palomar College students are eligible to receive tutoring at no cost.

Students seeking tutorial assistance must be referred to Tutoring by their instructor or counselor, (Sec. 58170, Title V Regs.).


Tutoring allows you to take an active role in your learning.  Expect to do the lion’s share of the talking and work during a tutoring session. You are in control of your tutoring session.

Tutor Profile

Tutors employed by the Palomar College Tutoring Center must have passed the class(es) they are tutoring in with at least a "B" grade or higher and:


*   Be recommended by a Palomar faculty member.

*   Be willing to participate in special tutor certification training.

*   Enjoy working with and helping others.

*   Have a positive attitude and enjoy learning.

*   Enjoy being part of a team.




Types of Tutoring


Tutorial sessions may be provided on the following basis:






   Small groups


   Supplemental Instruction through specific class sections.


Getting a Tutor


*   Complete a short registration form at the Center.  Tutoring may begin after the form is completed.


*   Always bring your PIC. (Palomar ID Card) or know your ID number.


*   Check schedule board for individual tutor subjects and schedules.


*   Sign the appropriate clip-board or sign- in sheet.


*   Wait for a tutor to call your name.


*   When accompanied by your tutor, run your PIC through the computer scanning device.


*   Each session is approximately 30 minutes.


 *  When your session is over please remember to run your PIC through the scanning device to record the end of the tutorial.


*   Come prepared.  Tutors are not allowed to write papers or do homework.  Arriving prepared will increase your productive time with a tutor.

In What Subjects Can I Receive Tutoring?



*     Math (all levels)


*     English


*     ESL


*     Sciences


*     Business and Accounting


*     Foreign Languages


*     Social Sciences


*     Call for other subjects



Where Is The

Tutoring Done?



Tutorial services are located on the first floor of the Library, and in the TLC at the Escondido Center.


Please call our office to get specific times of operation for each Center.































Ruth Barnaba, Coordinator, Tutorial Services

Greg Thomas, Tutorial Specialist

Ryan Johnson, Tutorial Assistant

Patricia Robinson, Tutorial Assistant

Leticia Murillo, Senior Tutor/Proctor

Thomas Denny, Senior Tutor

Miguel Padilla, Senior Tutor

Richard Sauerheber, Senior Tutor



















Palomar College

1140 West Mission Road

San Marcos, California



744-1150   ext. 2448